Outside bloggin’

So I am sitting out on my deck in this beautiful weather.  I thought I would blog while i’m at it but now realize it’s kind of hard to see the computer.  I will give it my best. 

I took Boomer for a walk this morning and realized she will have to learn new poop spots.  She is such a smart dog.  She always walks on sidewalks and knows not to poop in yards.  I don’t even put the leash on her half the time and when I tell her time to put the leash on she stops.  I love her.

Confession.  I hate working my biceps.  I put it off yesterday and may put it off today.  I feel like they over power my wee shoulders. 

I bought new shoes yesterday!

I went with Saucony.  The Brooks were $100 and I just can’t do that right now.  These feel good and i’ll put them to the test later today.  Mom came over last night and was happy to get 2 pairs of my old shoes. 

Thanks for the comments about moving away from my family.  I guess an hour isn’t that bad.  I’m literally 2 mins from them now though 😦  I mapquested the nearest Kroger and Target in my new area and they are about the same mileage away but take longer to get to.  Oh well, i’ll survive.

How is the weather in your area?  It’s Gorgeous here!

Kelly O, i’ll be moving an hour closer to you 😉



  1. Hey girl, I always want to blog outside too. It seems like it should work. I usually have to open up the umbrella and make sure the screen is completely shaded.

  2. Bright and sunny here so going to hit the links shortly. You’re lucky Brooks are only $100 as here they’re $160 plus tax. I ended up being fitted with and buying Asics…$139.99+tax= $158.18

  3. Psh.. I did one set of preacher curls yesterday and that was it. LOL!!

  4. its yucky and cloudy today!

  5. DUDE!! Then we are so planning some hang out time this summer! You need to come to Chicago too, you can stay at my pad. 😉 and we can go outside and chase squirrels! haha

  6. The weather is awful here…rainy and gloomy! UGH! I hate to work my arms too but they are so skinny that I gotta! 😦

  7. Awesome shoes!!

  8. The weather here is nice…surprisingly chilly in the evenings, though. I hate the wind.

    yay for new shoes! I need to get new ones, too.

  9. the last post with moving…girl i am sooo happppppppy for you!!!!! bittersweet, but mostly sweet 🙂

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