Not much happening

There’s not a lot of excitement in my world right now.  I had a good shoulder workout and now it’s time for more packing.  Will it ever end?

I haven’t had starchy carbs in a week and I feel great!  No full, almost upchucking feeling,  and no GI distress.

I’m going to my mom’s for family night.  I’m really going to miss those 😦


I got a flyer for a figure show on July 10th here in Indiana.  For a split second I thought about it but declined.  Mike would really be sad because I would be miserable 4th of July weekend. 


What food do you wish you could eat and NOT gain weight from?  Mine would be nuts and nut butters 🙂



  1. butter and lots of cheese!

  2. Pizza!

  3. bread…definitely bread 🙂

  4. One thing i love about Paleo diet is that it reduced almost ALL of my GI distress and you know how bad it was….

    just saying:)

    Glad you are feeling muy beuno!

  5. Have fun at family night!!

    Pizza… or french fries.. or just full-fat cheese in general… chocolate. This is just too easy!!!

  6. cereal!

  7. bread, cheese, and nut butters

  8. all of them! haha, um.. top would have to be nut butters then sugar.. but really any starchy carb. Good luck on your move!

  9. all the good ones have been taken! lol – peanut butter, bread, cheese, chocolate and cereal! none so evil in small portions but therein lies the problem…. 😛

  10. I’d help you move but I’m busy. Fortunately many miles away too 🙂

    Last year I would have said ice cream but now I wouldn’t want that. Now I would like lasagna and/or pizza to not put weight on me.

    I posted winning your scale contest tonight.
    Thanks again for the oppurtunity. I’ll put it to good use.

  11. Margarita

    April – I SO second you on nuts and nut butters!!! I could live on nuts and nut butters alone for years… if I could! 🙂 Can you believe I actually said “nuts and nut butters” instead of chocolate?! People do change 😉 hehe

  12. Naturally More PB and yeast breads! Oh how I love Naturally More!


  14. Heavy whipping cream and olive oil! Coconut oil, too!

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