Adjusting inside

It’s normal for the body to go through adjustment periods while you’re losing weight. A plateau lasting 3 or 4 weeks is no cause for alarm, nor is it a reason to QUIT. Check your measurements, and stick with your program.

I need to remember this.  I get so impatient.  My new meal plan ROCKS and is so doable.  My workouts have been less than stellar lately.  I blame the “drug” i’m on right now.  I sleep WAY too much for my liking.  At least i’m sleeping finally.  No more tummy problems either so why am I complaining?  Because i’m a female that’s why.


A girl I went to high school with performed my ultrasound this afternoon.  The odd thing is, when I went to watch my cuz play in his volleyball game I saw his little girlfriend.  Emily, my fave cuz, said that’s Hope’s daughter.  I haven’t seen Hope in a long time.  So what are the odds??  Small world.

She said my liver looks normal to her.  High liver enzymes can be cause by high cholesteral.  Unfortunately that is hereditary.  I hope that’s not it.  Once again I get on my high horse with the family about how healthy I am.


Time to start packing again..breaks over.  Mike and I are moving some stuff we don’t need right away to my mom’s today.  What am I going to do being an hour away from her 😦  I don’t even have time to workout today!!!  I may do a quick Cathe workout.


If you haven’t checked out Tony’s post on the mental aspect of your dreambody check it out!  I’m guilty of saying I can look at chocolate and get fat.  I need to train my brain to think more positive.


Have you ever said you can look at food and get fat? 



  1. Hang in there sweet one! 🙂

  2. You can do it, girl! Sending good & happy vibes your way 🙂

    ❤ jess

  3. Hang in there!! We all have those dumb workout days/weeks.. you’ll be back in no time at all!

    • You’re right lil sis, thanks!

  4. I have played those word games.. still do & you are right along with Tony.. which was a great post by the way!

    Hang in there!

  5. just catching up…WOW you have been a busy little bee with the move and all!!!
    just hang in there chica,,things will get better once you get moved and settled…workouts will be backon track and you will be feeling right as rain in the next week or so….
    and yeah i think have said on more thana million occasions that all i have to do is LOOK at a donut and gain the pounds right away..
    oh snap i shouldnt have said that,now i am having a krispy kreme craving!!!!LOL!!!
    looks like ill be gaining another 10lbs soon…..

  6. Sorry you’re having such a rough time. Moving away from your mom is so hard, but you’ll find ways to stay close to her. I’m sure of it.

    Doesn’t packing count as some kind of exercise anyway?!?

  7. Hey girl – did you get in a Cathe workout? Sometimes she cheers me up ’cause she’s just so fun to listen too! Remember my lighten up post – hope you find a way to do so. Hugs!

  8. Hugs and hang tight…I completely and 100% understand what you are saying. I HATE waiting for results….but they do always come:)

    Yes packing is a great workout….squat,lift,farmers walk and squat again.:)

    If i smell something really good i say “I just gained 5 lbs smelling that”


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