Another woe is me post

I’m still alive and as busy as heck!  I’m not sure what heck is but i’m as busy as them.  It’s not only packing now it’s the realtors callings and  lenders sending emails that they need something else.  Come on people, we close MONDAY!  Give us a little time.  Not only that but Mike is SUPER busy at work right now.  We will need another vacation after we get settled in.

On a good note…I had a phone interview yesterday.  It went well and I may get another interview next week.  Keep you fingers crossed! 


Tomorrow is the big packing day.  We rented a U-Haul and Mike’s friends are coming over to move everything into the truck.  Then Monday we’ll drive to our closing on this house at 1p.  After that one we will drive an hour to the closing on our new house at 3:30p.  It’s gonna be like the Amazing Race LOL!


My eating has been really good despite all this stress.  I’m on a lower carb plan right now and haven’t had oats since the 11th.  I think the cruise helped break my routine of having to have them every morning so it’s not bothering me.


Speaking of routines….that’s why i’m a wreck right now!  Nothing is planned, things are coming up and I can’t control them ARG!!!!!  I will say, my stomach is fine and hasn’t been a problem since the cruise.  The pills must be helping?  They really help me sleep.  Maybe a little too much.  I think my body is starting to adjust to them.  I still have dry mouth, occasional headaches and i’m still GROWING!!!  I’m hoping i’m still getting fat from the 30,000 cals I ate in a week on the ship.  It’ll come off.  Once i’m settled in.

Angela got me this shirt.  It says Theres no Pre season, It’s not a competition, it’s a lifestyle.  Tell that to the girl with 4 dessert on her plate muhahahha….


What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?  I was a production planner and I was miserable.  Getting laid off was the best thing for me.  It was my free ticket out.  I had worked there for 12 years and if I up and quit Mike would have been dissappointed.  What was my interview for?  Pretty much another planning job.  It’s what the people who worked for me did.  Cycle counts and inventories.  That was the part of my old job I actually liked.  I was really wanting a career change but couldn’t find what I wanted to do.



  1. Closings are such a hassle, aren’t they? Argh! I think ours is delayed. It was supposed to be on Monday, but the lawyers never set up a time. Gotta love it.

    You are doing amazing to not stress eat!

    I do medical transcription currently from home, which has it positives and negatives. I have done a lot of different careers over the years, and I know I will be changing again. I just like variety!

  2. fitlizzio

    moving is SUCH a pain..but i give you mad props(i don’t know what mad props are…) for handling it so well.

    it will be over and done with before you know it and life can resume. good luck with the interview!! don’t settle for a job you don’t like..happiness is more important then say..electricity? LOL

  3. yes,you are doing aweosme at not stress eating!!! just hang in there girl! you will be back on routine soon enough! right now just focus on what you CAN control…

    before i made the jump to being at home with the kids,i worked as an exercise physiologist in an orthopedic outpatient clinic. LOVED it,and felt i found my nitch. i was in the process of going back to school to get my docterate in physical therapy but that got delayed due to moving to IN. now since we moved to VA,and the new baby is on the way,well school plnas are still delayed BUT i do plan to go back to work soon,either still in the exercise phys realm or a hospital setting,maybe some part time personal training….
    we will see…..

    anyways,im keeping my fingers crossed that a job pops up for you,and its one that you like!!!

  4. Moving. I have so been there and it is a royal pain with all the mortgage details and such. I feel for you. ;-(
    For work, I work for a company that provides social media strategy for Fortune 500 brands. I also work independently with individuals and small businesses (with smaller budgets) on the same thing, and I’m finishing up my book on social media for business! And I LOVE my work. A few (ONE) select people at my job annoy the life out of me but I deal with it. 😉

  5. Ohhh, moving is so freakin’ stressful. Every time I do it I say I’m never doing it again, but I’ve now lived in 5 different places in 5 years!

    I work as a communications officer at a university. I do most of their writing, for things like the website, recruiting publications, marketing materials, press releases, etc. Sometimes I get to do fun things like photo or video shoots though 🙂

    Crossing my fingers for you!!!

  6. I cannot imagine how stressful y’all must be! I bet you cannot wait until you get there!

    Praying it goes smoothly!
    ❤ jess

  7. WOW April you’re a busy bee! Things will be sooo nice once you’re settled in and can catch some air!

    Before I decided to quit my career and be a stay at home mom (seriously harder than any job I’ve ever held) I was a retail buyer. I was a fashion and business major and always thought buying was my dream job…..till I had it. Travel and long hours from my family. Great as a single person but not as a mom. The only thing I miss is the money and the samples =)

  8. Ugh…closing is a PITA! But I am glad you are handling it well and GOODLUCK on getting the second interview. I will keep my fingers double crossed for you!!! 🙂

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