Food glorious food



  1. Oh WOW, that food IS glorious!
    ❤ jess

  2. FOOD!! haha! Everything looks delicious!!

    My stomach seems to be extra boated and gassy from the wheat 😦 waaa I love wheatbran!

  3. hey girl what a post!
    and sorry to hear that life is so stressful with the move, job situ, the whole bit…but here’s to it all working out for you!!! 🙂

  4. Girl, those deserts look fantastic!

  5. Love this post!! Looks so delicious

  6. Holy schnikes!!! I was just thinking I really don’t need another snack for the evening but this post may have changed that all. Is this the cruise food? I love the variety you get on those ships!!

  7. were the desserts any good? when i went on vacay they all LOOKED amazing but they didn’t have ANY taste. my favorite “dessert” was basically caramelized papaya. this was the only thing that tasted good, or had any taste at all.

    all the foods look really fresh and good though!!

    • I wouldn’t know??? LOL! j/k YES they were incredible!!!

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