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Call me what you will!!!  Yes, i’m still homeless.

I’m staying with my mom right now and Mike is staying with his parents.  He still has to work and wouldn’t be able to here around all my sister’s video games.  We closed on our old house Monday and were suppose to close on our new house right afterwards. 


We were afraid of all the things that could go wrong but never expected what did.  The wire transfer went through, the cashiers check was made and all other things were fine.  So what went wrong?  Do you remember this post?  Apparently selling something for cash and then taking your money to the bank is a no-no?  It showed my account having the amount Mike sold his bike for as a cash transaction and they needed documents stating why I put this large amount into my account.  We were PISSED!!!!!  The lender and realtor have both been working around the clock to get this solved.  I will NOT tell you how they made the transaction dissappear but lets just say his wife works for the the bank that I do.


So anyway, i’ve been VERY stressed.  Monday my blood pressure was so high all day long my face was beet red and my eyes felt like they were going to bulge out of my head.  Not only that but my eating yesterday was horrible.  Without my food prepared and ready i’m just your typical american.  I was doing good to start with but ended not so good.  This morning I had chocolate cheerios for breakfast if that tells you anything.  My body is out of whack too.  This may sound funny but Monday I could feel myself getting fatter.  For real, like all the stress on me really took its toll.

We close today at 1p. 

I can blame stress on my headache, my emotions, and my face being red that is for sure.  I can also blame it on the bowl of chocolate cheerios this morning but we all know that’s a lame excuse.  I’m not going to beat myself up for it but many of you can relate the thoughts going on in my head right now.  I WILL NOT eat a whole egg but i’ll eat a bowl of chocolate cheerios??  Such is my messed up brain.

Now I think i’ll go have another bowl before I get back to my scheduled April eating. 😉

Have you tried the chocolate cheerios yet?  They are pretty tasty.  Cocoa Krispies are still my fave.



  1. intheskinny

    Oh no April! I’m sorry to hear that your closing did not go well. I hope you guys get it all straightened out today. I’m such a stress eater, so I feel you. I haven’t tried the chocolate cheerios. I like my chocolate straight up.

  2. D

    Ugh! So sorry to hear….what a pain!! I also relate to the stress eating, what a hard habit to break in situations like this. I had to laugh at your last line about eating chocolate cheerios but not a whole egg…I just started eating whole eggs again after, wow, maybe since my childhood! It was a huge scary scary step. I’d still be more comfy with cheerios 🙂

  3. Wowsers! Never expected to see you eating chocolate cheerios so obviously are really stressed! Hope it finally closes for you today!

  4. Man, you are just having the worst luck. That totally sucks. My suggestion for stress relief would be to get out and go for a walk or hit the gym. But, I’m sure you already know that. I’ve not eaten Cheerios of any flavor in years actually. At least it was good???

  5. Ick closing on our condo was the most stressful time ever! I feel your pain right now girl.

    My life has been haywire lately. We can’t even buy groceries…my hubbie is living off ramen and me canned tuna. SO your sitch could be worse lol.

  6. We are in the middle of buying a house. They are so nit picky it’s incredible. We had to go through and explain every single non payroll deposit and the paperwork is never ending. I have several accounts at 3 different banks-it was a nightmare. You are almost at the finish line. As for choco cheerios. Never tried them….but I’d like to!

  7. i loved the chocolate cheerios! taste just like cocoa puffs!

  8. Hope it gets fixed girl! Those technical problems…

    I LOVE the chocolate cheerios! The banana nut ones are good too 🙂

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