Remember this

Muscles are not built in the gym…they are only torn down there.


Diet is VERY important.  Without it you will be spinning circles.  Circles remind me of chocolate cheerios, huh, what? 

My diet has been spot on since I moved in here and I feel great!  I will keep it that way in my lovely new kitchen.

I really can’t believe how much I love this neighborhood.  It’s like I lived under a rock or something before.  Boomer is loving it too!

She lays close to them 🙂  There are 6 huskies all together.  They only bark when Boomer gets real close to the fence.  Then my neighbor shooshes them and all is well.  They are so pretty!  There are dogs everywhere YAY!!!!!

The long haired one is named Beau.  I will get a better picture of him…he’s VERY pretty.  Instead of the crazy cat lady we have the crazy dog lady LOL! 


After you read this go HERE to win some Justin’s Nut Butters!!!!!


Are you a good gardener?  I need to pull weeds because I do know what they look like.  Other than that I pretty much suck at gardening.  I wish my gpa Bailey was still around.  He knew EVERYTHING about ANYTHING.



  1. Is that a cake on the kitchen counter?? It looks yummy!

    • You know me better than that 😉 Could I keep a cake on the counter? I would eat the whole thing!!!! It’s fake.

  2. Your house is adorable!! I love it!

    And I agree diet is so important! I never started seeing my muscles till I started eating more!

  3. LOVE your kitchen! I’m blown away by your backyard though. The fact you can like see right into your neighbors..that is so bizarre to me!!! No nude sunbathing for you I guess.

  4. Angela

    Love it 🙂 Hopefully i will get to see it in person 😉

  5. Great looking house and yard!

  6. nothin like a new place to get you motivated to eat better! its like a fresh start!

  7. Genie

    Oooh!! Love it!!! What a pretty kitchen and doggies!!

  8. intheskinny

    Oooh, I love the doggies. It look like Boomer is making some new friends.

  9. What a GREAT new house!! I’m so excited for you 🙂

    I totally have a brown thumb when it comes to gardening. Luckily my husband is super gifted in that department–he’s working on our garden right now. Hope you had a great weekend!

  10. Yay! Love the new kitchen and that back yard with all of the puppers looks fabulous! 🙂

    I’ve never been a gardner… Austin had some herbs and flowers growing for me but that’s about it for me!

  11. So glad your pup is settling in too! Love the big kitchen.

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