In the words of Ice Cube

Today was a good day.  This post doesn’t need many words.

April(no not talking to myself)i’m finally trying it!!!!

Off to rip up my legs!!!!!!!!


What are your favorite stores to shop at?



  1. We are so similar.. yesterday I went to the Natural Grocers store and was pretty dang happy.. and today I ripped up my legs! LOL. Let me know what you think of biochem1!

  2. Bioc CHem FUDGE IS THE BEST! yea!

  3. I am a huge fan of All The Whey Chocolate Fudge!! I make protein cookie dough or brownie batter with it almost everyday.

  4. I’m losing it I meant Biochem Whey…where did I get All The Whey???

  5. I have a few fav shops in my area – DS Nutrition, LOVE TRADER JOES, Mothers market, and of course Target for the necessities & more!

    I love Whole Foods but a bit expensive for me….

  6. Girl, I love me some Ice Cube–that put a smile on my face!

    I could live in Whole Foods–sometimes I just go and look around (lame?). And I’ve been loving the Biochem Whey fudge. I also tried the Yams and Whey vanilla. Actually pretty good as well.

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