Say hello to my little friend

I found it in our driveway.  Boomer almost stepped on it.  I then gave it to the little girls around my street.  There are a 6 all together.  4 of them came over to welcome us to their cul de sac…how cute!!!

Look how tiny!!

What is cuter than that?


Remember my old view?  No trees or fun neighbors.

We used to think she just liked laying in the sun.  Black dog and hot sun don’t mix but though she liked it.  Look at her favorite laying spot now.

She loves it here as well.  She’s always looking to see if the huskies are out.  She is so stinking smart.


I had a great leg workout yesterday.  They are already sore.  That didn’t stop me for doing 35 mins EMC this morning.  Shoulders are on the agenda this afternoon.  BEEFCAKE!!!


Do you use creamer in your coffee?  When i’m prepping for a competition I drink it black but right now i’m enjoying Silk creamer.  Just a touch.  Enough to turn the coffee a tan color.



  1. Ahhh – that turtle is so cute 😀

    That is a happy looking dog.

    I use milk in my coffee. I actually make cafe au lait. I have 8 oz of milk with breakfast and I divide it up, heat and froth it and mix with coffee. That gives me a couple cafe au lait in the morning with my dairy serving.

  2. Amy - Turtle Advocate

    hmmm… I don’t believe you got so close to that turtle without schreeching and running away 🙂

  3. Very cute but wash hands often as baby turtles are known to carry Salmonella.

  4. You gave away that cute little thing?!?!? I think I would have kept it… I love turtles!!!!!

  5. Boomer must think she is in doggie heaven! That backyard is beautiful…all she would need is a baby pool filled with peanut butter and she would be set!

    I used to be addicted to sugar free creamer. I stopped buying it a while back and just use fat free milk, but more often than not nothing!

  6. I use just one serving of a low cal or low fat flavored creamer for taste and powdered creamer to get it to a nice tan color because that is only 10 cals per serving. And…I gotta have Splenda.

  7. aww Boomer has a shady tree! I love it. He looks so peaceful. How old is he?

    • She’s 10, getting a grey beard 😦

  8. Dang that is a tiny and precious turtle!! We found one last year in the street and we saved it’s life 😀 LOL. But it wasn’t that small!!

  9. I found a little turtle like that once and kept it…put it in my fish tank and watched him swim around for months and get bigger. Then he decided my fish were his food so he had to go lol!

  10. Girl I have tried to do black coffee but I just cannot go there. I like my cappuccino. Period.

  11. AWWW! So cute.

    ❤ jess

  12. What a cute little turtle!

  13. OH wow! just catching up on your last 5 or 6 or 7 posts and WOW…i amso happy you finally got movedin and settled and it feels like HOME!!! glad your workouts are back on track and you are back to your april eating!!!!! so happy your a little bit less stressed!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics you have posted so far of the new place!!!!

  14. Your new place is beautiful!

    No creamer but stevia & I love flavored coffee!

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