Man, i’ve been running around like crazy this morning.  I started off with 30 mins on the treadmill, ate breakfast, went to Whole Foods, Target, came home did dishes and then walked Boomer.  I have a teeth cleaning at 12:50p in Greenwood so i’m going to be heading south today.  Afterwards i’m going to hit Amy up for a walk.  Amy if you’re reading this want to walk later?  I’ll text ya.  Then i’m going to visit mom and we’re going to go eat at my sister’s work and visit her.  I have to make my trip worthwhile.  I don’t want to change dentists.  Dr. Jansen has been my dentist since i’ve had teeth.

Vegetables, taste the rainbow.  Or is that Starburst?  Where is the blue, indigo and violet?

There it is!!!


Don’t forget the Strawesome giveaway!!!  Click HERE to enter!!

From their website:

Why Reusable Straws?

Glass Straws
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  • Not only is it fun to drink from a glass straw but studies have shown that drinking from something more substantial than plastic may help you lose weight.  The feeling of glass on your lips will help you lose weight on your hips!
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  • Strawesome also provides drinking straws for special occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, or corporate gifts. 

How do you enter?  3 ways.
  1. Become their fan on FACEBOOK.  Just click become a fan in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Blog about my giveaway and reply again and let me know you’ve done so.
  3. Let me know what you will drink with your glass straws. 

I’m enjoying green tea with mine.

I will randomly generate a number in one week.  Wednesday May 12th.
Have you ever had a cavity?  I’ve had plenty.  4 root canals on top of that.  I do have a gold tooth like my gpa Bailey 🙂  His was in front and you can’t see mine.  He had a grill before they were popular.  Mike has never had a cavity.  I brush my teeth daily and floss at least twice a day.  I’m not exagerating.  I love to floss.  Since I started drinking only water I haven’t had many cavitites.  I believe like cellulite it’s hereditary.  Plus drinking Coke from a bottle when I was a toddler didn’t help.


  1. Amy

    YEPP!! YEPP!! You know I’m always up for a walk, just let me know what time and I’ll be ready.

    And No I’ve never had a cavity 🙂 but cellulite on the other hand… 😦

  2. Although busy it sounds like a good day other than the dentist visit. I ‘ve not had as many cavities as I probbaly should as I’ve been terrible with dental care all my life.

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