Sleeves for your legs?

I was sent leg sleeves to review from OpenSky.  I have now added them to my store.  I really feel a difference when I wear them.  Since I LOVE step aerobics they kind of bring me back to the Jane Fonda days of leg warmers 😉  Although pink is NOT my color of choice I will get a picture with me wearing them sometime.

Zensah has developed recovery leg sleeves using a special knitting process and fabric.

The Calf/Shin Recovery Sleeves are made with gradient compression which provides wide ribbing in the front for shin support and tight ribbing in the back for calf support.

The sleeves are made with Zensah Fabric which has silver helping to regulate skin temperature and fight bacteria. The sleeves can be worn during training or for recovery to increase oxygen blood flow to the muscles of the lower leg. The more oxygen the muscles receive the faster they recover, allowing athletes to push the envelope in their training. The Zensah Calf/Shin sleeve is ideal for runners, cyclists and triathletes and anyone else who is on their feet. It can be worn during training, recovery or for traveling.

The Zensah Calf/Shin sleeves are unique in that they provide Pin-Point Compression to the front and back of the leg. The dual action support was developed by a professional athletic trainer.


S/M: Height 5 9″ and below. Calf Size 11.5″ – 14.5″

L/XL: Height 5 10″ and up. Calf Size 14.5″ and up

Ships in Pairs

If you are interested in purchasing these all you have to do is click HERE.  They come in a variety of colors!


Do you or have you used recovery leg sleeves?  Can you feel the difference?



  1. Gonna have to read up on these… intersting!

  2. Margarita

    Ok, this is very gay, m’kay… Leg warmers were bad enough, but these are just UGLY! April – you are going DOWN! haha 😛

  3. They sent me a pair of those to sample too, but I wasn’t sure when to wear them.. as in there is no way in hell I’d wear them to the gym! Did you find that they helped?

    • I hear ya. I work out at home so no one could see me 😉 I have vericose veins on my shins and they did help them to feel better. Also after working out my calves didn’t hurt as bad.

  4. This is just one more thing I never ever heard about until I came to the blogworld. Ive heard they are great though.

  5. oh my gosh! my physical therapist JUST ordered me a pair of these!

  6. Katherine: What About Summer?

    i have been dying to find some of these! no stores anywhere in my area sell them and I haven’t been able to find them online (I guess I’m not savvy enough). not to be tacky, but I’ll just go ahead and be shamelessly tacky here and say I’d enter a giveaway for some and probably try to rig so I’d win
    Thanks for reviewing them!

  7. My compression socks are my best friend when it comes to working out. They are flipping AWESOME!!!!

  8. I figured I’d be buying these but my legs are actually doing really well this time around. If they ever go back to the old way I’d have no problem trying them out.

  9. Funky, never heard of those. On another note, I was just thinking about step aerobics. I used to love my step and want to find one at a used sporting store, my quads never looked better!

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