Michael Jones – Runner  |  Bib 22169  |  Greenwood, IN – US  |  Male  |  Age 34  
Start 5Mile 10Mile Finish
7:37:11 AM 00:33:51  01:07:15  01:26:44 
Time  Chip Time: 01:26:44  Clock Time: 1:33:55 Pace: 6:36
 Place  Overall: 375  Gender: 342  Division:


375th out of 35,000 isn’t too bad 🙂  His goal was top 500 and he met it.  Between that and qualifying for the Boston he’s reached many of his goals.  We still haven’t won the lottery and he still doesn’t drive a Porsche 911 GT, but one day he will.

It was VERY windy out today.  Not a runner’s best condition.  He beat his last year time by 2 minutes.

Corral A, does it get any better?

Actually it does.  The “elite” runners are at the very front.  The Kenyan did it in 1:02:37.  I would be on mile 6 then if I was lucky.

Of course “pooh bear”, “poobs”, “snowbers”, aka Boomer got to go as well.  She is so silly.

This is her pouting before the collar and leash came out.  Then it’s all tail wags and yip yips.


We are going to Ted’s Montana Grill to celebrate!!


Do you celebrate after a run?  I don’t “run” but do celebrate after months of dieting and obsessive cardio.  This is the WORST time to pig out too.  You would think i’d learn my lesson.


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  1. Wow–that’s amazing!!

  2. sweet! good job!!

  3. Great job. I ran a race last night actually and totally believe in celebrating in some way or another.

  4. Wow that’s fast! I went out to lunch with my family after my first and only running race so far…my HM in ’07.

  5. GReat job, April!

    And from the last post… you and your mom are so cute (I mean hot!) I give you mom some major credit, she’s looking pretty good there 🙂

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