Scanning cats

This morning I woke up and did #4 on the Move It page.  It felt great!  My legs are sore from yesterday’s leg workout but I pushed through.  I’m now catching up on AMTN.


Tomorrow this will be me:

Computed Tomography (CT or CAT scan) equipment

I have to drive back down to Greenwood first to get my blood taken and then to get a cat scan.  The doctor said my organs look healthy but wants a closer view of my liver.  He asked if I had any alcohol before my last blood test.  That’s a big negative.  So hopefully the blood work will be normal.  My newest symptoms are a flushed face after I eat and and numb pinky toes.


Other than that i’ve been feeling great.  I’ve gone without oatmeal for a month now.  Last week I had 2 peanut butter filled pretzels and the next morning my stomach was in pain.  I was good for the next few days.   Mike and I ate at Oaken Barrel on Mothers Day and I got my greek salad and ate 2 of the pita breads and yesterday I was in pain again.  So i’m thinking even though the test don’t show i’m allergic to anything my body is not agreeing with white flours etc…

I’m just happy that my stomach has calmed down and i’m still using protein powder 🙂  Here is my breakfast this morning.  Egg white pancakes with PB&SFJ.  Sugar Free Jam is something I normally wouldn’t touch.

  • 6 egg whites
  • 1 T pb
  • 1 T sfj
  • 4 shakes cream of tartar
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp guar gum

It made 3 big pancakes YUMMY!


Here’s a fun game for you.  How many dogs can you find


Hint…there are 4.



  1. Denise

    Have the doctor check to see if you have ciliac, allergy to gluten. Those symptoms sound just like my friend that has ciliac.

  2. eek….keep us posted!

  3. I can only find 2! sheesh Im bad at this game!

    hope the scan goes ok 🙂 thinking of you 🙂

  4. I want those pancakes.. I think I might make them today 😀

    You could still have an intolerance but not an allergy. An allergy produces antigens/antibodies and will show up on a blood test, but usually an intolerance will not!

    Good luck on the CAT scan! I’ve never had one but my sister has them all the time.. maybe you’ll get to sleep in it! LOL

    • What are you, a nurse or something 😉

  5. Margarita

    April – this is what I have with gluten – intolerance. My blood work does not show I am allergic to anything! LOL But I can feel it when I eat gluten grains (wheat and now oats) as well as when I srink milk or yogurt. I know at this point we are super sensitive and LEARNED to listen to our bodies. So, we should do what the body “tell” us 😉

    I could only see 3 dogs (the 3rd is so cute peeking thru that porch… hehe) but for the love of GOD, where the hell is the 4th??!!! It’s driving me CRAZY that I cannot see one! haha Is it under the porch table there somewhere?

  6. Margarita

    PS: the 4th is spread out by the porch chairs, isn’t he? 😉 (I know I said table but those are lounge chair only) I AM compulsive!!! I cannot relax until I pin something down, solve a problem, etc. LOL

    • You ARE correct! It’s the long haired one Beau.

      • Oh and her table got blown over by the wind last week and broke.

  7. I can’t positively say I see all 4. 3 of them for sure and just guessing where the 4th is.

    Wishing for the best tomorrow!

  8. I hope tomorrow goes well for you! I have cut out most of my gluten intake due to a wheat allergy and it really is pretty easy 😉

    I can only see 2! Where are the rest??


  9. Funny, I just printed out workout #4 from your page last night. I knew you had it bookmarked.

    Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow!

  10. mmmmmm i love love love eggwhite pancakes!! i had them for dinner last night with pumpkin and cottage cheese smooshed in the middle 🙂

    • Gah…I still can’t find pumpkin!!

  11. I read your blog quite often but have never commented before. I just wanted to ask you if you use any artificial sweeteners. I have horrible reactions to them that include numbness in my hands, hives and flushing. I went back to real sugar and honey and the problems stopped until I slip up and don’t read ingredients and eat something with artificial sweeteners.

    Good Luck with your tests

    • Thanks for commenting and don’t be a stranger 😉 I use stevia quite often. When I was “homeless” I did use sweet n low and sun crystals at my mom’s. Also had a sugar free Monster the other day and who knows what is in that!

  12. I hope all goes well with the CAT scan, I’m sure all will be well. I only see three dogs!

  13. Numb toes do not sound fun at all! Hope there’s some resolution soon. And next post you need to the circle where the dogs are I can only find two!

  14. gah, oh my goodness.. I’m so behind on my reader.. I hope it went well!

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