Play by play morning

Wake up, make Mike’s lunch:

I love Easylunchboxes!


Have my way with this guy:

I watched CNN with Robin Meade this morning.  She is absolutely gorgeous and not a size 2…anymore!


Took a Kentuckian shower(no offense Genie)


Drank a pot of coffee.


Made breakfast:

I’m still LOVING my Rachael Ray cookware.(although I really need to scrub them)


Egg white pancakes in my bellay.


Time for grocery shopping!

First things first, need to baby gate my girl in the kitchen.  First I need to find her.

Me hears Funder somewheres.....


Gotta love her!

Where do your pets like to hang out?  I’ve never seen her in this closet before.  I had opened it to get my yoga mat out and she thought it looked inviting.



  1. LOL at the belly pic.

    My cat curls up inside of a potted plant. I don’t know why, because she gets filthy!

  2. Margarita

    OMG – I so use “Kentakian” showers! All the time! LOL I always buy baby-wipes and every time I do, I am paranoid to run into my ex or mostly – a potential ‘suitor’ and the last thing I NEED is for him to think I have a kid! LOL Little do people know that it’s for my ass only! (and my body parts;))

    You pup is so cute. I should email you a pix of my dog Woolie. Boomer and Woolie could be siblings – they are very much alike ‘cept for the white spots. 😀

  3. oh! boomer likes the same place my dog does during a storm…in the closet or in daddy’s lap!!! (yes our dog was our first “baby” )
    and btw…..LOVE the belly pic…even though i am uber jelous!!!!!

  4. Sexy belly!!! 🙂 I see the ab definition..rock on!!

  5. My cats each have a chair they like and if I’m home the younger one will lay beside me most of the time.

  6. Kentuckian shower lmao. I do that sometimes as well….or douse myself in body splash!

    I’ve been contemplating buy some of RaRay’s cookware, good to hear someone likes it.

    My dog just hangs on the couch or under the dining room table. Little does he know the dining room table is going away soon so I fear where he is going to go next!

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