Play by play afternoon

Now you can clearly see why I need a job.

I found a chart and in  my old county there are 5200 people unemployed and 1200 jobs.  You do the math.

Back from shopping

Hungry = protein cake

Lets try out my new soks!

What?  You don’t want to walk??  Lazy….


I’ll do yard work instead.


It WAS cool to have a bigger house until I busted this out.

Time for my back workout!


I know, it’s exciting.



  1. Sounds like my Saturday cleaning up the apt. lol

  2. have a great sunday, april!

  3. OK, let me know about those socks!!!

    Beautiful yard!

  4. Hey Girl!!! I’ve been soooo out of blog-land this week. Crazy travel. Anyway- I’m in Indy the weekend of Memorial holiday- how far are you from Indy now??

  5. “Hungry=protein cake”

    LOVE that!
    ❤ jess

  6. Socks, soks, sox…too many names for something you slip into your smelly feet. lol.

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