Guest House

I made the mistake of going to Kohl’s today.  I actually did really well.  I only bought one thing.  I’m going to a temp agency because i’m sick of looking for a job tomorrow.  I figured I can wear it there.   

daisy fuentes Mixed-Media Dress

I had a great leg workout today and moved Mike’s office and a bedroom around.  That was a workout in itself.


I’m loving my guest house!  It’s so peaceful.  It’s like yoga but you just have to sit there.

Do you flirt?  I admit to it.  It doesn’t happen often.  Only when I need to get my way.



  1. Haha I love how you say you made the mistake of going.. I’m the same way! I love going but know I shouldn’t. Ha!

  2. Cute dress–hope the agency finds you something soon!

  3. I can be a total flirt. It’s always in good fun though. Must be a redhead thing 😉

  4. Such a cute dress! you can wear that lots of places!

    I’m actually a horrible flirt…it just doesnt come natural to me!

  5. good luck on the job front!

    and flirting…I do whatever it takes. If it helps to flirt, i do. If it helps to be a beeeotch, i do that too 🙂 sometimes you gotta turn it on and off,on a dime 🙂

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