A few good things

Hey everyone!  I had a very busy day yesterday and I got a few things to review in the mail as well!  I’ll be back with a regular post soon but for now check these out…..


We all love Skwigg…check out her interview here.


Also check out this post by Tony.  If you’ve ever said “Easier said than done” it’s a MUST read.


Now, who is this dog?  For real…it’s not Boomer.  They say everyone has a twin out there.

Have you seen your twin?  Mike saw this chick below and said it resembles me.

Come on….i’m not THAT white.  I also have more freckles and more ear piercings 😀


Speaking of twins…Someone on this post resembles me EXACTLY.  Little waggler tooth and all!


  1. I thought that girl WAS you at first! You are much prettier of course 😉

  2. That’s too funny!! She could very well be your sister!! I do see the resemblance. I wanna find my twin!

  3. Great post April! I LOVE Skwigg:)

    OK that chick does look alot like you but your are cuter:)


  4. I see some resemblance!

  5. That gal & you do look somewhat alike….

    I get this all the time.. I think I am very distictive looking but people always think I am someone else they know!!!!

  6. Becca

    I just caught up. I feel so out of the loop. It looks like I have missed some important things. I AM SO SORRY!!I will never leave you again!! Please forgive me? XO

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