Wascally Wabbits

I loved the mowing responses 🙂  I must say i’ll probably never do it again even though it was a GREAT workout.  I agree with Kelly O…that’s what men are for LOL!  If we still lived in our old neighborhood I would NOT have done it.  Things are just so pretty here and people take care of their yards and I didn’t want to be THAT neighbor.

I also must say that are mower is not self propelled.  I used my upper body and big glutes to push through!


Boomer found a new toy this morning. 

She loves chasing rabbits.  I don’t think she’d hurt one if she caught it.  Our yard is UNFORTUNATELY full of them.  I say that because we don’t need a fence, normally she’ll stay in the yard.  That is unless she’s chasing a rabbit.


My morning was spent on the treadmill doing  the first part of THIS workout.  Then it was time for these babies!

I also got a new toy in the mail yesterday.  Thanks EatSmart!!!

 Do you ever reader a bloggers life and think man I wish I could eat all of that to stay thin only to find out they are 22-24?  It’s funny how your thinking changes when you get a bit older.  I’ve never been one to eat what I want and be thin.  Even in my teen years.  Of course this is all relative to the WAY I ate.

I really commend the younger crowd that are taking care of themselves at a young age.  I say this in a loving way even though a part of me is jealous and wish I would have done the same.


I know if he could go back in time and redo his drug and alcohol habits he would.  Now he has 2 daughters he may never walk down the aisle…was it worth it?  When we are younger we don’t typically think about the future.  Especially at my age.  I didn’t have the internet and a great group of people I could relate to and stay healthy with.  I’m so glad I have that now!!  Thank you ALL so much!


I’m going to make it an appoint to comment on a new blog everyday.  I think you should all join in as well.  We all love getting new commenters and who knows this person might relate to you.  I find new blogs by reading comments on others blogs.  This is another reason I love deals and giveaways. 


Okay off for a dog walk!  First I need to bring her in….she’s wabbit hunting.



  1. I totally agree with you on the young ‘ens improved eats. I never ate that good at that age.

  2. “I say this in a loving way even though a part of me is jealous and wish I would have done the same.”

    I SO agree! I wish i’d done what i’m doing now during college or even before – I just feel like I had a lot of bad habits going and if I could go back i’d love to correct that.

    I hear you – Reuben chases rabbits too – right through our fence. grrr.

  3. Julie

    Hey April, this is totally off subject of your post, but do you use Xantham Gum (spelling?), and if so what is it used for? I’ve read where other bloggers use it, and I’m just wondering why and what it does?

  4. Amy

    Yeah!! Getting OLD Sucks! You can only eat half as much and have to work out twice as hard.

  5. I can’t believe I’m turning 20 this year.. now that will be OLD!! Hehe 😉

  6. I was never one of those people who could eat what they want and stay thin either. Even at 14 I was chubby, and my eating habits were the same as my peers (which, is not that great when you’re that age!) I really hope no one looks at me and thinks I’m naturally thin and don’t have to try at it. I work really hard at making good food choices and exercising so I feel good about my body!

    I was REALLY bad to my body for several years. I’ll be making up for that for a loooong time…

  7. DMay

    Aging absolutely sucks. I’ll turn 34 the end of this month, next comes 35 and before you know it 40. Holy s***! I’m frightened to try the 20 years from now.

  8. I’ve been making more use of that scale I won. Find myself picking up things on the road to eat and need to know what I ate. Scale comes in handy rather than just guessing!

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