Dinner on the water

I’m having a FABULOUS weekend!  Last night we went out to eat with some friends.  We ate at a place called Wolfies Waterfront Grill.  It’s was slow service but the food was good.  I’m going to take my mom later this week 😀

My amazing view:

Oh and this too 😉

Boomer had to stay home and wasn’t thrilled.

I’m learning so much from this book!  Amy, remember how I would pee before I left my house, drove 2 mins to yours, have to pee again, and then sometimes at apartment complexes along our walk?  Well come to find out this is IBS related.  There are some other things as well that I will keep to myself.


I’m getting geared up to watch Lost 😦  I’m so sad it’s ending.


Do you watch Lost?  Who is your favorite character?  I love Sawyer!  He can call me Freckles anyday 😉



  1. That is a beautiful view (both of them LOL!).

    I don’t watch Lost. I think I am the only one in America that doesn’t….

  2. Mmm what a yummy meal! You celebrated salmon sunday early! or is that tuna?

    I didn’t know that peeing thing is related! Hmm.. I want to read that book now!

    • It was ahi tuna..mmmm…

  3. Love Lost!! So excited for tonight 🙂

    Hurley is my favorite because of his laid backness but also love the whole Desmond-Penny storyline.

    I love Sawyer’s and his nicknames for everyone!

  4. Angela

    I love me some sawyer too 🙂 He is my fav!

    That tuna looked yumbles 🙂 So did the view!

  5. um yum! Yes, love Lost but I haven’t turned cable on at the new place so I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it online. Favorite character.. so hard.. nope, can’t decide :p

  6. Never got into LOST. Not sure if I even watched one episode.

  7. Amy

    hmm that does help to explain your tiny bladder 🙂 Im anxious to hear the others. Might help to figure out Joey as well (IBS Buddy)

    Lori, you aren’t the only one…I don’t watch LOST either.

  8. I haven’t seen the finale yet!! My dad recorded it for me and I’m waiting till I can go over there and watch it. So far I’ve done a great job at keeping it from getting ruined. Charlie was my favourite character. Something about rockstars with accents that make me swoon 😉

  9. I loved this post! So positive! Such a change from a few months back! Maybe this move has done you good! I thankfully never got into LOST (because when I get addicted to a show, it’s bad!!), otherwise would probably be suffering from withdrawal! lol
    Have a wonderful day! Sorry this is so behind (date wise). I’m SLOWLY catching up on blog reading!

  10. Holly

    Jack all the way 🙂 Love the wounded, more timid types! I’m loving your blog.. and i’ve finally decided to come out of hiding and make a comment. One of your past posts mentioned commenting on a new blog, so I decided to give it a try. Keep up the good posting! =P

    • Thanks for the comment!!! Don’t be shy 🙂

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