Did you know?

I don’t like steak.  There’s a difference between not liking and not eating.  I would eat it but don’t like it.

I pick up worms who are suffering in the middle of dry sidewalks and put them in the grass.

My parents divorced when I was 29 years old.


IBS and food allergies are not the same.  Food allergies are more severe.


Giraffes have no vocal cords.

I despise mushrooms!


Rabbits love licorice.


My mom is coming up tomorrow and we’re going shopping in downtown Noblesville…I can’t wait!

Shops in downtown Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville art event at the courthouse in Noblesville, Indiana

I have a raspy voice and if you hear me in person you might ask if i’m sick.


What do you want me to know?



  1. Oh have fun shopping with your mom!!! I’m running another 5K this Saturday.

  2. fun random post. i love your guts.

    • I still want Randy!

  3. fitlizzio

    i want to know why we don’t live closer to eachother because i’m pretty sure we would be best friends haha.

    i don’t like steak either…everyone asks if that’s what i want for a cheat meal, and it kinda makes me want to gag. i’ll take some yogurt pretzels instead, thanks for asking 🙂

    • Sometimes when I think of a funny movie quote I wonder if you’d know it too LOL!

      • fitlizzio

        haha and chances are i would! i’ve always said if there was a career in movie quoting, i know that would be my calling. haha

  4. I like steak!! Haha, too bad 😉

    Rabbits and licorice? CUTE!
    ❤ jess

  5. I HATE steak…won’t even eat it, blech!

    also your last statement made me LOL…”I have a raspy voice and if you hear me in person you might ask if i’m sick.”

    When I first met you and you spoke I ALMOST said…you got a cold or something?? But my inside voice told me to shut the hell up and not make an ass out of myself lol 🙂 You voice totally fits your personality, I love it!

  6. Worm saving is key!:)

    I can’t stand anything that smells like baby powder, especially perfume. gross.

    I like your raspy voice, it’s all your own:)

    Somedays I refuse to talk to anything with a penis.

    thats all…

  7. I feel exactly the same way about steak! But I love mushroom, and am not likely to ever willingly touch a worm 🙂

  8. That totally cracks me up about you and worms! 🙂

  9. That bunny video is hilarious!

  10. That was too fun to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I like this post! And worms are kinda yucky.

    I’m extremely allergic to pets with fur but I’ve named all of the stray cats in my neighborhood (and to be honest, also the hummingbird in our yard)! So I have a lot of pets but they don’t really live with me 🙂

  12. I read your blog everyday to relax, unwind and smile. 🙂 no seriously I do… That’s what I want you to know. Oh and I have been known to wake up and eat protein bars in the middle of the night and have no memory of the incident. I only know because of the wrapper in my bed. Yes, I am now considering prescription med for that 😉

    • Awe…that made my day!

  13. fitandfortysomething

    oh my goodness april! i used to follow you on body for life-tracker when you were doing comps…..a few years back! is this you? how fun……i really loved reading yoru old blog 🙂

    • IT’S ME IT’S ME!!!!

  14. I love this! I don’t like steak either. People are always getting me to try it because I was a vegetarian for so long, but each time I find it’s just chewy and bland. I’ll take a juicy hamburger instead please 🙂

    Have fun shopping with your mom!

    • That’s how I feel about them. I have to chew so much and about choke swallowing it.

  15. Love the random factoids—I wish I didn’t like steak but looooooove it.


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