Whoa-oh here she comes

Up here we have these things called roundabouts.  I’m not familiar with them at all.  I never had this training in Driver’s Ed.  Luckily i’m not an idiot or an over thinker so they were pretty easy to figure out.
I really like them because I do not like to stop.  My motto has always been no cop no stop.  If there is a cop turn your lights off and hide from them.(sorry inside joke)
I’ve been doing some research on IBS recently.  Although it seems that I JUST came down with it, looking back i’ve been this way for a long time.  In my early 20’s I had SEVERE constipation.  I went to a doctor 4 years ago and they just put me on Miralax.  I never go to doctors unless I FOR SURE am feeling awful.  I can tolerate pain like no other, I have it everyday, i’m used to it.  This type of pain i’m NOT used to and it’s annoying more than anything.  Here’s something that’s probably contributing to some problems. DOH!

Avoid gas-forming foods, such as beans and cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, turnips and brussels sprouts.)



I’m glad you liked my post yesterday 🙂  I’ll do more of them.  I am full of random crap. 


Are you an over thinker?  I typically see things and can figure them out.  I don’t like instructions and I use common sense.  Mike on the other hand over thinks things.  He is a very smart guy but sometimes my brains come in handy…not too often though 😉



  1. Oh I am totally an over thinker. I’m a thinker period. My husband will look at me and say “thinking, thinking, thinking.”

  2. my dad and brother are really really intelligent people. With that said, when it comes to common sense they are complete idiots 🙂

  3. Nooo I do hate what cauliflower does to me.. but I love eating it 😦 Haha!

  4. I am the classic NON thinker! I am not one to question alot but my hubby does… I think I am an escapist at heart so I try not to overthink things in case they are too depressing! 🙂

    • We think alot alike I believe. I especially liked your pessimist or optimist answer 🙂

  5. I love roundabouts-we had ton of them in Phoenix but not enough here. I hate stopping.

  6. HATE roundabouts
    in aruba where we go every year for a month there are TONS of them and i swear, i almost get in a wreck 10 times a day

    huge over thinker too..huge!

  7. Ack! You just Listed ALL my favorite veggies as gas-inducing foods! Perhaps that’s why I burp so much! Haha!

  8. I grew up with severe constipation my whole life until I cut out fake foods, processed, dairy, and started eating more veggies. Green smoothies have help TREMENDOUSLY… then I started juicing. It has been the missing link, my savior, for my bowls… lol
    Really. Juicing helped me a lot! And when doctors and “supplements” couldn’t. Just a though. 🙂

  9. I LOVE roundabouts! There are a couple here – they make me smile.

    boo – I have IBS – NO fun…

  10. Please stop! If I hadn’t waited for a guy to stop today I would have been broadsided as he didn’t STOP at the STOP sign!

    Couple roundabouts roundabouts here.

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