Shop till you drop

Do you remember that old game show?  I LOVED it!!!

Mom and I had a great day yesterday.  We started off with lunch.

I knew my mom would love this place.

We toasted to my new start in Noblesville…with our tea of course 😉

Mom's salad

My salad

Then we went downtown and went browsing.  There were the cutest little stores. We had a blast!  We needed some dessert but were still stuffed from the salads.  So we got some iced coffee at the Noble Coffee & Tea Shop.  Mom had their version of a mocha frappicino and of course I tried it.  It blew Starbucks out of the water.  I had an iced coffee with a bit of half and half and some stevia I always carry with me.  Afterwards my stomach was KILLING me.  Why?  IBS rule 1,000,948,000-cut out coffee.  BOO!!!!!!! I’m sure the cream didn’t help either.


Why can I cut out processed foods, pizza, chocolate, pasta, and other crap but simple things like coffee and radishes seem like the end of the world?  For pete’s sake this morning was the first time i’ve had oats in 6 weeks and I didn’t miss them.


I can’t tell if my face is really fat or if I need a tan.  Oh yes, i’m suppose to stop that right…sorry.  I’m really trying.




What old game show do you miss?  Supermarket Sweeps was another fun one!



  1. Great photos!!

  2. Angela

    I dont remember that show???

    YOu and mommy are so cute 🙂 Glad you had fun…except for those belly issues?? That sucks!

  3. the newly wed game!! omg remember bob eubanks asking ppl if they “made whoopee?” what a 70s term!

    you and your mom are both hot. period.

  4. Amy

    So glad you an your mama had a great time!! Your salad looks fab!

    I loved let’s make a deal. To this day I still pack a few odd items in my purse b4 I leave just incase 🙂

    I will NEVA NEVA quit on my coffee!!

    • You know i’ll never be able to give it up either 🙂

  5. gah i loved both those game shows! truth be told the only TV i like is old school game shows and the food network.

    you and your mom are so cute!

  6. It looks like you had such a great time with your mom. I’m SO jealous! You guys are totally cute, too.

    It stinks about the coffee but what can you do? You can’t give up EVERYTHING!! I still do decaf with some sf syrup occasionally on the weekends. I can’t help myself.

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