Good eye, good eye

I have a food scale but it’s not digital.  Now with my new scale I can get a precise measurement.  I guess I have a good eye  on what a piece of chicken looks like at 4 oz.  Check out my OpenSky store and get yours!! 


I got a i’m jealous of you because they don’t have these in Michigan friendly text last week that Celestial Seasonings makes Kombucha and they have them at Whole Foods.  Thanks for the heads up Becca!  We need to go to Kombuchaics Anonymous.  I actually went and purchased 2 of the flavors.  They had 4.

Pomello Citrus and Berry Guava.  The verdict?  They didn’t give me a buzz…nuff said.  Nothing like these beauties I was sent a while back.

Love 004  

I will keep on buying these that’s for sure.


Tomorrow my whole family is coming up for a cookout!  My dad is driving my mom and sister.  Remember how I said they got divorced about 6 years ago?  They still remain friends and I LOVE that!!!  Mike’s parents and oldest sister are coming too.  Look at me…the party house!  WOOT!!!!


What are you doing tomorrow?



  1. That’s so cool that they are still friends. My parents refused to be near one another until my niece was born 5 1/2 years ago. Tomorrow I will finally be productive and get yard work and chores done. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Good they get along as it makes get togethers a lot easier! I’m back to working tomorrow!

  3. so i started a give away for this scale and i see you and Janetha both have it..all of a sudden. and no one seems uber interested in the give away yet i love my scale and so do you two…why dont people love them like we do? it’s so helpful with recipes! not just counting cals/fat, etc…


  4. hah having a good eye makes cooking so much easier! don’t need to weigh out every little portion!

    wow I didn’t know that celestial made kombucha! need to find that asap.

  5. Hey Babe. I am working out this morning! (Missed the last 2-3 days boo-hoo) and then we have a cookout at my brother’s house. He’s making pulled pork which everyone goes ga-ga for but I am NOT into pork and NOT into BBQ so I’ll be eating on the way!! LOL

  6. I didn’t know they made kombucha either–fun! I still wish we had a WF though 😦

    Sounds like you have a super fun day planned. Yeah, it’s raining and I am doing nothing. Dr Phil and The View it is!!

  7. I totally agree that GTS Kombucha is by far the BEST brand!!

  8. Have a wonderful day with family!!!!! We have get togethers with my hubby’s ex & everyone together. It took about 5 yeard to get there way back then but since then, we are all a family & great for the kids growing up!

  9. Becca

    Oh yeah and I totally want a digital scale. I bought one of the cheapo plastic ones at walmart and no matter how much food I add, it barely budges so I know something is not right. lol

  10. Sunnie

    So you weigh your chicken before you cook it. I have always been told to do it after cooking. I love having a digital scale too:)

    • I’ve always weighed before. Anything I cook before. Yams included 🙂

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