Making Memories

I’ve had a FABULOUS weekend!  It started with shopping with my mama.

I went for a jog and Boomer didn’t want to come.

Mike let her out back and she ran to the front and sat there and waited for me 🙂

We also went for a bike ride.  He fell asleep like this LOL!

My mom and dad.  Without them I wouldn’t be the spoiled brat I remain today.


Some things of note that happened on this Memorial Day weekend for me.

  1. I started my cycle for the first time BY MYSELF in 2 years!  Why part of me thinks…crap I must really be fat now that I started another part KNOWS this is a good healthy thing that must continue.
  2. Both of our entire families were together for the first time since our wedding.
  3. Mom and dad kicked Rachel and Mike’s butts in Cornhole.  Rachel and Mike are very clutch competitive players to this was GREAT!

I love keeping a blog because my memory isn’t very good.  When I saw this on Mama Pea’s blog it trigger a lovely childhood memory!  That is why I read her blog.  Her girls remind me of Rachel and I when we were little.  Minus the Pepsi filled bottles.

I got in alot of activity yesterday and i’m going to up it this month of June.  I’m going to do an evening bout of cardio as well and see if it helps my fat budge.  Just 25 mins to a half an hour.  I haven’t weighed but i’m not liking the pudgy look.  I’m not going to get overly obsessive or anything but i’m not happy right now.


What was your favorite memory this weekend?




  1. I had to laugh because when I read that you started your cycle by yourself, I thought you meant you went out biking by yourself for the first time LOL! Duh.
    Seriously, though – that’s a good thing and it means your body is getting in balance.

    • LOL! Coming from you that’s hilarious!!!

  2. Hey girl – sounds like a good weekend. I got to shop with my mom and sis – good times!! I had such a great weekend that I can’t say there was one favorite memory.

  3. Honey you are not fat at all…you are healthy and fit looking!!! 🙂 Starting your cycle on your own is awesome and truthfully I am proud of you! 🙂

  4. Getting your cycle is a GOOD thing!! It’s what healthy bodies do. I went off the pill 6 months ago and haven’t gotten it since. I’m starting to miss it 😦

  5. Beard burn:)

  6. ahh what a great weekend.. and you look fantastic in green! Don’t think I can pick one favorite memory from this weekend, it was more the whole weekend of hanging out with old friends.

  7. Becca

    I love Barbie too!! I remember all those.
    How old were you when you stopped playing with your Barbies. Wait, OMG deja Vu. Have we had this discussion? I WAS WAYYY TOO OLD. 🙂

    Glad you had a great weekend. XO

    • I was 14!! Maybe 15? LOL! Those were the day when kids WERE kids.

  8. You look fantastic! But I know what you mean about mixed feelings. Having your body balance on its own is so awesome. (I’m still hoping for that myself.) Your bones and maybe even your belly stuff will be better because of your cycle restarting itself.

    Love the green dress by the way 🙂

  9. What beautiful pics!!!!!!!!!!! And I am with Lori on the cycle thing! 🙂

    Best thing this past weekend.. R&R!

  10. we got to grill for the first time since moving and it made it really feel like a true summer weekend!

  11. Steph

    woohoo, you and i will never ever complain about ‘that time of the month’ again! 🙂

  12. You look great. If you hadn’t wrote it I would have assumed your weekend was great with that smile of yours.

    Fav memory is running my 2nd HM and my mom actually coming out and enjoying it again.

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