Rad roastishes

Happy Humpday.  I really hate that phrase.  Along with the words caulk, surreal, and anal used as i’m so anal about things.  I do like radishes!  🙂

It was like I was eating potatoes only with very low carbs.  I used my no fail trick of roasting them at 425 for 25 mins.  I quartered 4 radishes and it seemed like alot.  For real, if you’ve never roasted you should try it.  Just coat your veggie in EVOO and no salt seasoning YUM!  Especially if you don’t really like veggies.  The radishes were so good and not as tart as when you eat them raw.  I may try and mash them sometime and see what happens. 


Boomer hates thunderstorms.  I left the pantry door opening while I was making my peanut butter cup pancakes this morning and she took shelter.

Oh yes, the peanut butter cup pancakes.  I saw THIS and THIS and a lightbulb came over my head. 

1 tbsp of PB and 1 tsp cocoa powder YUM!  Flax oil was my syrup 😉


Were you disappointed to find out that:

Really looked like this:

They both have red hair so they’re cool in my book.



  1. Oh I hate the word caulk too! We have one pup afraid of thunder storms as well. We found a natural remedy that helps: Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets (make sure it specifies for pets).

  2. Hey, what about the word “moist” Not a big fan of that one either!!

    • I hate that one too HA!

  3. I hate the phrase hump day too! So weird! LOL. Hey that’s a great pancake topping idea!!

  4. Pancakes…yum yum!!

  5. I love the hump day phrase but cannot stand moist or naughty…I’m a perv and think bad things!

    I must make those pancakes now…glad you dug the combo!

  6. I’ve never had a radish but if they taste anything like potatoes i’m in! I hate the hump day phrase, too! Along with crusty… ew.

  7. I am not a radish fan but those pancakes look awesome!

  8. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I roast a lot of different vegetable but I would never have thought to roast radishes. I do like them raw though.

  9. Don’t understand the HumpDay hatred. It’s not meant the way you degenrates take it 🙂

    Loved Woody Woodpecker growing up.

  10. I MUST try roasting radishes – wonderful idea!!

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