Say cheez

I want to thank Kelly for letting me know about almond cheese.  I really love the jalapeno kind! 

It’s a little pricey so it’s not a frequent purchase but it’s worth it when it happens.


Other kinds of cheez.


Now to my favorite commercial about cheez.


This morning I went out for a jog instead of firing up the treadmill.  I have abs and running intervals later.  I won’t be cheezing after that.


What is your favorite kind of cheese?  I love goat cheese!



  1. I love goat cheese too! Feta and gouda are hard to pass up though. If you’re looking for a really good vegan “cheese” Daiya is great – melts like the real thing too. I haven’t tried the almond cheeze yet.

  2. Almond cheese? Interesting… Guess it’s like the nutritional yeast/almond mix you get on kale chips?

    Mmmmmmm warm brie with brown sugar and almond slivers baked on top.


  3. pepperjack for me! bring on the spice!

  4. That commercial was the best! i never saw that before!

    I like fake cheese (velvetta) and american cheese….thats about it….other than that i hate cheese (sorry)..but you already know that 😉

  5. Amy

    I like the whiz kind. :).

  6. I’m equal opportunity and love all cheese. I think I would go insane if I was lactose intolerant how does one live a life without cheese?

  7. I haven’t been adventurous in eating cheese. Usually end up not wanting to blow the $ if I’m not sure I’ll like it.

  8. Julia

    Lifetime FF cheese is awesome! 8 g. protein and 40 cals per ounce, plus it actually tastes like cheese and melts (unlike most FF cheese). It’s a bit pricey, but good!

  9. ahh cheeseee siighhh. It’s one of those foods that I love, but I don’t really miss it until I have it again. Then I have to force myself cold turkey to break wanting to have cheesy everything!

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