Bad medicine is what I need

Today i’ll let these pictures explain how I feel.


Mike and I did manage a 47 minute bike ride which took my mind off of it.  I went to Super Target this morning and it was awful.  No I didn’t relieve myself in public and that’s why it was awful. 

So what did I do different?  Why is it much worse right now?

Gas and bloating. Simethicone-based products (Gas-X, Maalox), charcoal, and alpha-galactosidase (Beano) aren’t very effective, and no prescription drugs have proven useful. The best approach is to avoid the foods that trigger gas and bloating. Common offenders include beans, pretzels, bananas, dairy products, carbonated beverages, and raw fruits and vegetables (particularly cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli). Fructose (a common sweetener) and sorbitol (an artificial sweetener) can also cause bloating and diarrhea.


I had a can of no sodium black beans and it’s been around for a long time.  I decided to put a few on my salads this week.  I also took a bite of a banana before giving it to Boomer.  She likes banana’s 😀


So for my husband’s sake i’m going back on the Nortriptyline.  He said he could tell a difference in me when I was on it.  I wasn’t as cranky and didn’t complain of my stomach hurting.


  • stomach feels better


  • they make me sleep until 7a and I like getting up by 545a
  • pretty sure they don’t help my weightloss
  • i hate taking pills


There ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease……….Bon Jovi rocks!  Once this subsides i’ll be back to normal….as normal as I am.



  1. Ahhh that has been my tummy for the past month or two. Haven’t figured out the cause yet. I thought it was the Xtend but now I’m thinking it’s not..hmm..

    Fun fact! some of those gas pills work by making all the little air bubbles form into one big one!! LOL

  2. UGH! I have had bloating issues a lot of my life with certain veggies, milk products & such.. not like you have but enough to feel for you!!!! I cut out sugarless gum & those sugar alcohols that really bothered me years ago so now it is just the certain foods & I still eat them as not quite as bad as you & more tooting for me.. YIKES!FEEL BETTER!

    I love Bon Jovi! Seen him/the group at least 3 times in concert!

  3. Argh I feel your pain. I wish I could just figure out what it is. Ugh ugh ugh. Bloated right now.

  4. Honey I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I’ve pretty much figured out my tummy issues…but I still have lactose intolerance a lot. But I don’t think I’m anywhere near your problems. Wish I could help!!

  5. Try taking New Roots Ultra Acidophilus, and a HIGH end enzyme blend. I have switched to Future Formulations Digestion Fromula Forte. You’d be surprised the difference active forms make. Have you tried adding Kefir? I suffer from the same thing, although I generally look way more bloated than the picture above. I hope you feel better! It is a sucky thing to put up with and the pain is not fun!

    • I do need to get a probiotic. I stopped taking them a while back. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  6. boo! so sorry you’re not feeling well! My TOM is making me feel similarly… grrrr.

  7. Katherine: What About Summer?

    oh my gosh I am so, so sorry to hear about this! I had IBS-like symptoms as a side-effect once and it was so hard to put up with consistently for a month. I hate to hear you dealing with this! I wish you the best; I know it can be so trapping to be encased in bloat when it’s not really your body’s natural shape

  8. oh girl, so sorry, that just LOOKS painful.
    hang in there honey!

  9. I LOOOOOVE that song. Your love is like bad medicine, bad medicine to cure my disease.

    Ah good times.

    So sorry you are dealing with all this. If I couldnt eat beans, Im not sure whatd Id Do–love those things too much.

  10. big boo to stomach problems. Before competing I never had such a weak stomach, now everything out of the ordinary seems to make me feel sick, bleh, uncool

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