Rachael Ray I am not

I proceeded to make my usual breakfast this morning.  I am getting crafty at carrying 6 eggs in one hand until this happened.

Eggs down, I repeat, we have eggs down!  BOO!


Boomer didn’t want to walk so I hopped on the tready and did #7 on my move it page.  I’m not sure what body part I will be working yet.  I have to check my calendar. 


Okay, i’m off to find the license branch!  Check out my giveaway below…..↓  Enter HERE:


Do you try to do too many things at once?  Obviously I did this morning. 

I was excited when CSN asked me to do a giveaway.  They have tons of stuff to choose from.  There are lights, cookware, furniture and of course fitness related items.  I could hardly decide.  Since this is a fitness blog here is what you can win!

Oregon Scientific SmartHeart Heart Rate Monitor with Calorie Burning Feature - SE102


  • Heart rate measurement: analog heart rate system
  • Heart rate zone alert: upper and lower zones stopwatch
  • Visual and audio alert
  • Vibrator alert
  • Tap on lens (TOL) function
  • User profile: gender, age, height, weight, exercise habit, and fitness index
  • Instant percentage heart rate (%HR)
  • Calories burned indication
  • Average heart rate
  • Clock/date/day
  • Alarm
  • EL Backlight
  • Key lock
  • Silent mode
  • Buzzer (beep tone)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Water resistant
  • Overall Dimensions: 2″ H x 2″ W x .6″ D

There are many chances to win!

~ ONE ENTRY~ leave a comment telling me your favorite cardio equipment
~SECOND ENTRY~ blog about it my giveaway, then come back and let me know.
~THIRD ENTRY~ tell me what you would choose from CSN.

All entries must be in by June 14th.  I will pick a winner in the morning June 15th.



*Unfortunately, the giveaway was extended only to residents of the United States and Canada.



  1. oh BOO on your eggs!! 😦

    I entered twice in your last post – great giveaway!

  2. Oh no – wasted eggs! I usually bring out the whole carton because I normally have a case of the dropsies 😀

  3. Danielle

    I am learning to love the stairmaster so I would say that’s my favourite.

  4. Danielle

    My heart rate monitor has been giving me grief lately so I would probably actually get a new one from CSN.

  5. Juliana

    Hmmm..favorite piece of cardio equipement has to be the spin bike..its a love hate thing:)

  6. Jessica

    I don’t really have a favourite piece of cardio equipment. I hate them all equally! I think since I do enjoy step classes, a step and some risers are my favourite.

  7. Christina

    My favorite piece of cardo equipment is the old fashion treadmill! Even though it can get boring, it gets the job done in half the time I would be on an elliptical.

  8. Ohhhhh cool! MY favorite piece of cardio Equip is the faithful treadmill. I’m fairly sure that I would buy myself a HRM from CSN since my Polar just died!:(

    thanks April….


  9. That stinks about the eggs! What a pain to clean that up 😦

    My favorite cardio equipment…I guess is the elliptical–it’s the only one I use! I would love a new running watch. Mine is on the fritz lately.

  10. RedOne

    My favorite piece of cardio equipment is the stairmill. Now if only ours had fans on them!

  11. Um yeah…so I thought my egg this morning was hardboiled. I took the egg and slammed it on the counter to crack the shell. Imagine my surprise when the egg splattered all over the place. Keith was in the kitchen and he was laughing so hard that I thought he was going to start crying. That got me laughing and before you know it we were a laughing eggy mess! haha! Hello Tuesday!

  12. Great looking eggs, jk 😉

    ❤ jess

  13. gotta love that! I’d say my favorite cardio equipment is a treadmill, and the stepmill (or deathmill) a close 2nd.

  14. The only cardio machine I use is the Treadmill, because I actually prefer to do group fitness classes or run outside.

  15. I think I would actually love to get the Heart Rate monitor, because I never really know how hard I am working when I am in group fitness class!!

  16. Talia


    My favorite piece of cardio equipment is the treadmill because each day I get on it my workouts are different. Varying speed and incline makes for different (and progressively harder) workouts, plus you can walk backwards and sideways for extra “confusion”.

    I am desperately in need of a new HR monitor. Mine was a cheapie at Wal-Mart that I don’t think is accurate. I’m ready to invest in a nice, ACCURATE heart rate monito.

    have a great day!!!


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