Who wants to win this? GIVEAWAY

I was excited when CSN asked me to do a giveaway.  They have tons of stuff to choose from.  There are lights, cookware, furniture and of course fitness related items.  I could hardly decide.  Since this is a fitness blog here is what you can win!

Oregon Scientific SmartHeart Heart Rate Monitor with Calorie Burning Feature - SE102


  • Heart rate measurement: analog heart rate system
  • Heart rate zone alert: upper and lower zones stopwatch
  • Visual and audio alert
  • Vibrator alert
  • Tap on lens (TOL) function
  • User profile: gender, age, height, weight, exercise habit, and fitness index
  • Instant percentage heart rate (%HR)
  • Calories burned indication
  • Average heart rate
  • Clock/date/day
  • Alarm
  • EL Backlight
  • Key lock
  • Silent mode
  • Buzzer (beep tone)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Water resistant
  • Overall Dimensions: 2″ H x 2″ W x .6″ D

There are many chances to win!

~ ONE ENTRY~ leave a comment telling me your favorite cardio equipment
~SECOND ENTRY~ blog about it my giveaway, then come back and let me know.
~THIRD ENTRY~ tell me what you would choose from CSN.

All entries must be in by June 14th.  I will pick a winner in the morning June 15th.



*Unfortunately, the giveaway was extended only to residents of the United States and Canada.




  1. Julie

    I have to say, my favorite cardio equipment is ME! I can do anything I want, all on my own without one piece of equipment to get my cardio going. There’s no excuse, we are our own machines!
    I have to say, I would LOVE to win!

  2. Kathi

    My favorite cardio equipment at the moment is the Stair Mill! I have a hate/love relationship with it. I sweat like a beast and love it!

  3. Stepmill, Baby! Nothing like it!

  4. Francesca

    My favorite cardio equipment is the treadmill! So many versatile things you can do on it!

  5. Woo – I JUST lost my HRM – no joke! Great giveaway at a great time!

    My favorite cardio equipment is the treadmill too – i’ve got to have it!!

  6. From CSN stores I would LOVE to get my own treadmill – like the Star Trac STR Series. Please make your next give away for $3,825! LOL

  7. I agree! The stepmill is by far my favorite piece of cardio equipment.

  8. Oh man, Julie said it right – MEEE and my LEGSS! I need absolutely nothing else to get a good workout in. We did a “primal” workout the other day with 400 repeats, barefoot, and in the grass. And it was awesome. 😀

  9. Cardio..not a word in my vocab! J/K. I like doing tabata with plyometrics, or the stairmill!

  10. And that’s a tough one! I think I’d choose a weight bench!

  11. oh yes, stairmill, treadmill, spin bike. Love them all! Nice giveaway!

  12. Deanna

    Pick me Pick me! I oh so need a new heart rate monitor.

    I love kickboxing class the most but if I have to choose some kind of equipment I would pick dumb bells and a bar bell for first then a close second is a treadmill, stepmill or Arc machines.

    I love reading your blog and your sense of humor!

  13. Well, I do the treadmill, StepMill & Elliptical. I like the treadmill & StepMill best.. for results! 🙂

  14. Stormy

    Mine is this hill near my house. It’s about a 40 degree incline, goes for about 200 feet. The local university’s basketball team uses it for summer training. Great interval workout.

  15. As for CSN, I wanted so many things!!!! I most likely would buy a mat and maybe a medicine ball or who knows what else for home.. there were so many choices I got lost in the pages of them!!! I work out at the gym BUT also do some things at home as well…

  16. Lindsey

    My favorite cardio equiptment is the stairmaster! I love it, gotta work the glutes ya know?

  17. Lindsey

    As for the CSN store.. I would absolutely love to have my own treadmill. Its way more convinient then making the daily trip to the gym.

  18. I love the treadmill, because it’s versatile and I feel that I get the best workout on it!
    I can run sprints, I can crank the incline up all the way and climb hills, run hills, or I can program tough intervals – anything, really 🙂

  19. I would DEFINITELY want these babies: http://www.csnstores.com/Bowflex-710000-BOW1005.html

    but at $549, I doubt I’ll get them anytime soon 😦 But isn’t that fab? You get so much versatility in weight in a small space 😀

  20. KarenB

    My favourite cardio equipment is the pool. There’s less stress on my joints when I swim or attend an aquafit class, and I still get a great cardio workout.

  21. kari

    My favorite cardio equipment are my running shoes.

  22. kari

    I’d get a guidecraft kitchen helper for my little one.

  23. My fave piece of cardio equipment is the elliptical…..it’s one of the things I miss about the gym.

  24. well of course everyone is going to want to win this one! 😉 I typically hate cardio equipment to be honest. I’d rather run, do kickboxing, step aerobics, plyo… Cathe all the way!

  25. I like to run but I don’t love the treadmill. I rock the elliptical 😉

  26. susitravl

    My favorite cardio equipment is the treadmill.

  27. I blogged about this rocking awesome giveaway

  28. susitravl

    From CSN – I’m in the market for some new kitchen utensils. And would start with these: Rachael Ray 2 Piece Spoon Set, Ladle,Whisk and 2 Piece Nylon Spatula Set – 55737.

  29. I could use some kitchen gadgets…okay well maybe I just want some of their neat kitchen gizmos

  30. Ibu

    Favorite cardio equipment is the elliptical machine.

  31. Ibu
  32. I usually work out in group fitness classes, but I also run on the treadmill when there are no other options!!

  33. I would love to actually get the heart rate monitor you are featuring because I never really know if I am working as hard as possible during my group fitness classes!!

  34. MarthaB

    I’m my favorite piece…but if I had to choose a machine, it would be the rower at this point.


  35. MarthaB

    I went to CSN…I would totally get a convection microwave since mine is DEAD!!!


  36. Favourite cardio equipment: treadmill.

    It never fails me.

  37. I’m definitely in the market for new furniture from CSN

  38. Pixie

    My fav cardio equipment is my ps2 and the dance dance dance games hehehe so fun!

  39. Pixie

    I’d get a cats eye cat bed for my furbabies!

  40. Jessica

    I love the elliptical sometimes. But mostly just spinning!

  41. My favorite piece of equipment is hands down the elliptical. It started out as a bad relationship filled with tears but now it’s perfect;)

  42. Definitely the elliptical (Life Fitness only) or treadmill! This is the BEST giveaway!!!!!!

  43. I would actually love to get a heart rate monitor from CNS! or fitness/kitchen equipment!

  44. Chloe

    My favorite equipment is the elliptical!!!! Awesome giveaway…I hope I win

  45. Lindsay

    Favorite cardio equipment is me, my 13-month-old in a jogging stroller and some hills! 🙂

  46. I would love to get their stainless steel mandolin, it looks awesome!

  47. I linked ya back to my blog

  48. Lisa

    I love treadmills.

  49. Lisa

    I would choose baking stuff.

  50. wow holy awesome giveaway!

    my fav cardio equipment? mmmm spin bikes!!!!!

  51. from csn i would choose curtains or household items like bathroom organziers

  52. fave cardio equip: just my legs and the open road

  53. Lord know I have a bad relationship with cardio equipment. I abused it and it left me with bones of a ninety year old! I’m gonna copy cat averie and say my legs and whatever ground they land on.

  54. I love my elliptical for cardio

  55. I would love the InMotion mini elliptical from CSN. My full size elliptical is in my bedroom but the mini one would be good for using while I watch TV in the evenings.

  56. cmm4491

    I definitely LOVE LOVE LOVEE the elliptical! I like running outside but ive always had shin problems so its important that i dont run every single day, i love that the elliptical is great cardio without hurting my shins 🙂

  57. Rivekkah

    My fave cardio equip is definitely an elliptical. My knees are shot so it helps tremendously. Unless my softball cleats count that is! 🙂

  58. MarthaB
  59. fitandfortysomething

    this is so great! i have a giveaway too but not as cool as this 🙂 i love free weights for sure and balls -hee hee


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