I pity the fool…

Is anyone else super excited to see this movie?  Mike and I have been catching up on A- Team reruns for the past month.  We both watched the show religiously when we were young.

Vehicles don’t get any sweeter than this:

And new casting characters don’t get any sweeter than this:

Bradley Cooper 

I just hope it’s not another corny knock off of an awesome show in the 80’s.  Dukes of Hazard anyone???


I try not to watch a lot of television in the summer.  What I do watch is always DVR’d.  I couldn’t decide on So You Think You Can Dance or Jillian’s Michaels Losing It.  So I went with a mixture in Dance Your Ass Off.  I watched it last year and loved it.

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I pity the fool who doesn’t enter this giveaway!!!!



  1. I love the A-Team. Like any movie though I’ll probably wait for it to come out on DVD or worse TV. I didn’t enter your contest because I already have a Garmin 305 w/HRM so I figured I should let someone else win 🙂

  2. Bradley Cooper–sigh. Prettiest eyes ever.

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