Changing it up

I love having a change in my meal plan.  I admit I get a little anxious about it sometimes.  It’s nice knowing I CAN live without yogurt and cottage cheese but i’m happy to eat them again.  I love cottage cheese, yogurt I can do without and may replace it with a coffee toffee twisted frosty 😉  I’m also getting some fruit YUM!  I love fruit in the summer.  I had to do a bit of shopping last night.

Ever since i’ve added the NutraFiber flakes in about everything I eat i’ve been pretty regular 😉  This is good considering the Nortriptyline causes constipation.  It also causes hair loss EEK!!!

Today i’m going to the temp agency.  They have a job they want to interview me for.  If they think I am right for the job i’ll be interviewed by the actual company.  Also tomorrow I have an interview at a company about 20 mins from here.  They saw my resume on one of the jobless sites.  I shouldn’t call them jobless sites, but oh well.  I guess it is better to have options than nothing at all.  They are 2 totally different positions.  One is a desk job, may be a bit stressful and I would have to dress up.  The other is an active job, no stress, do your work and go home.  We’ll see.


Oatmeal sandwich for breakfast

 Daddy’s home!!

Is your pet estatic to see you when you come home? 


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  1. What’s the oatmeal sandwich?

    Good luck with the interviews!

    • egg white pancakes with 1/4 cup of oatmeal 🙂


  2. What all have you been putting the flakes in? I think I’m going to order another bag!

    • Oats, egg white pancakes, shakes, ice cream(protein), salads, now my cottage cheese and yogurt! YUMMY!!!

      They are helping things move along 😉

  3. Those Nutraflakes are sounding pretty interesting! Do they have a taste to them?

    Good luck with your job interviews!

    As for hair loss, with the change of life, I can’t afford that! :-O

    • They have a bit of a grassy taste by themselves. If you put them in or on things you don’t even notice them. Just a chewy texture.

  4. love your oatmeal sammie girl 🙂 and btw the coffee toffee twisted frosty is about to happen in my blender in about 5 seconds.

    • LOL! It’s yummy!

  5. dang, my dogs knock me to the ground when i get home. my old dog (RIP) used to pee when i got home! that oatmeal sandwich looks AWESOME!

  6. LMAO @ the airport cartoon.

    My dog freaks the eff out when I get home. He starts running around, scratching me and then hyperventilates. It’s kinda flattering knowing someone misses me that much 🙂

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