I love (garlic) gold!!!

I had the pleasure to try the garlic gold that I  NOW sell in my OpenSky shop.  Of course I busted open the box right when I got it and popped some in my mouth.  *cue Angels singing*  Why do I love them so?

  • Crunchy
  • Low sodium
  • Organic
  • Low calories
  • Full of flavor

These are a figure competitors dream!  No more boring foods.  Plus they are crunchy and we all love crunchy 😀


Last night I made Mike a pasta bowl with garlic nuggets in them.   I love these Cali Bowls.  We use them everyday.

He said his bread tasted like this! 

I  put the parmesan nuggets on top of it.

  FACT:  My first job was at Little Caesars, pizza pizza!

The Italian Herb Nuggets went on my green beans.  Okay my meal is nothing italian but it was good.

Weighed the cheese 🙂  I probably cut it too.

If i’m not weighing myself I have to weigh something.  I mean I am THE WEIGH I AM.


Don’t forget to enter my awesome giveaway!  You’re a loser if you don’t 😉


What was your first job?  Speaking of…I passed my intial screening and now i’ll be going to a REAL interview Monday.  If I pass that one i’ll be doing another one.  Tomorrow is another interview with a different.  When it rains it pours but that’s a good thing in this situation!!!



  1. My first job was the The Gap! Would you like a fitting room?! haha!

  2. Girl–I grew up on Little Ceasars pizza! They still know my parents because they order the same thing on the same day every week 🙂

    My first job was at my Aunt’s resale consignment store…talk about boring!

    Good luck on the interview.

  3. i think i am the only food blogger who hates garlic…more for you to enjoy that way 🙂

  4. Those look great!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!

    McDonalds, way back when they let 16 year olds work there! I actually had to count out the money back to return to the customers.. that was when the registers did not tell you the change! I know, I sound like an old fart! 🙂

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