Is it Monday?

I went to Macy’s today to buy a few suits for interviews.  I came back out and somebody had dinged my car ARG!!!  I got a police report and was hoping to catch the culprits before I left but they never came out.  It was clearly the car to my left.  Some people have no respect.  It was probably a kid and the parent didn’t know.  Oh well, that’s what insurance is for I guess.


I found 3 nice outfits…..size 4!  I think the new plan i’m on has already started to work.  Although i’m not too keen on dairy my body is liking it this time around.  I’ve been doing cardio but also enjoying bike rides with Mike.  Most importantly lifting heavy weights.

Dairy or maybe my body just needed the sweatfest I gave it yesterday?  I’m not looking that much into it really.  All I know is last month when I tried on clothes 4’s were a bit snug.  Sure I could have worn them but I hate seeing people look like sausage.


I have been studying for my interview in the morning.  Yes, studying.  When I want something I try my hardest to get it.


Loving this song right now:

Slipknot RULEZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!  If you value your eardrums i’d stop at this song.  It’s a pretty mellow one for them.


Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!!!!


What are you doing for Father’s Day?  Gah!  It’s coming up this weekend!!!!



  1. Size 4!! Whoop whoop hottie!!

  2. Amy

    Good Luck on The Interview. Im sure you’ll rock it. You sound like me..studying for an interview 🙂

    And congrats on the size 4. You’ve gotta post pics of u in the suit! I gotsa see it 🙂

    Amy Out!

  3. good luck tomorrow! Your gonna look fabulous!

  4. You’re gonna do AMAZING!
    ❤ jess

  5. Good luck tomorrow! I’m toying with the idea of a 10K….Alterna Run for Dad I think is the name.

  6. My dad’s outta town, and fathers day is A LOT of pressure for me since my mother died when I was 13 so we are very close. I always want to impress him but hes impossible to buy for cause hes such a minimalist. He doesn’t like golf or most sports for that matter and he has everything to do with technology already.If I had the money, I’d buy him a plane. I’ll take suggestions!

  7. o, and I second the hottiness!

  8. size 4, yay!

    car ding, nay!

    Love that you’re having interviews!!!! xoxo 🙂

  9. That stinks about the car ding. People suck sometimes. Someone seriously keyed the pasenger door of my car–no idea what I did to them to make them do that to me!

    Sounds like you had a really successful shopping trip. I love when that happens!

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