Post workout sweat:

Post workout shower:

I love my downstairs shower.  Mike has not used this one.  It’s my after cardio sweat rinser offer.

Post workout snack:

Post workout special news:


I’ve got a second interview!!!

Post workout giveaway winner:


Congrats Protein Girl!!  Send me your mailing info so that CSN can mail your HRM!!!



  1. Congrats on the second interview. Send some of those good interview vibes my way 🙂

  2. omg dying because i’m so happy Im’ not the only one who looks like a mess post workout!

    yeahhhh on the second interview!

  3. I would love having a special bathroom like that so I could just jump to after a workout. Lucky girl.

    Congrats on the interview!!

  4. WOO congrats on the interview!!!

  5. Congrats & good luck!

  6. My kinda PWO-snack! Congrats on the interview!

  7. congrats on the 2nd interview!!

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