It’s all in your head

Howdy peeps!  I woke up this morning and got on my treadmill despite only having 3 channels to watch.  My morning Married With Children did not happen 😦  I need to go to the nearest Comcast place and get some black boxes for my TV’s.  We had more channels until a worker came out messing with the cable boxes yesterday.  Ugh…if all fails I guess I can get a job their since it seems you don’t need to know what you’re doing.  I put on my MP3 player and I think music actually helps me to push and run faster.  Do you think music helps you?


I read something on Tina’s blog the other day and it’s helped improve my workouts.  Your mind is such a big part in weightloss and getting your body where it needs to be. 

 ***How about we stop using the word BODY FAT (which I do as well) and start using the word STORED ENERGY- because that really is what body fat is.

Since i’ve thought of the fat as stored energy I swear my energy and workouts have improved.  I feel I can go harder or faster because my butt and hips have a lot of stored energy.  Hey, it works for me okay 😉


I had chocolate syrup on my oatmeal sandwich this morning.  I used 1tsp of coconut oil and unsweetened cocoa powder which I did not measure.  It was tasty!  I finally found my favorite cocoa powder.




Do you like dark chocolate?  Mike and I both LOVE the dark stuff.  That reminds me, last night I had 1 pretzel M&M.  Have you had them?  It was so good!



  1. You won’t believe this – but I really don’t care for chocolate at all. I know, crazy talk. I totally think music helps with a run or time on an elliptical. If you’ve ever done a spin class, can you imagine it without music????

  2. Funny, Married W Children is my go to early am show:) Not much on at darkthirty!

    Do i like dark chocolate? Um YES please! Love the 80% bitter dark with red wine. Hell, I’m equal opportunity when it comes to chocolate!

  3. Music totally helps me! The only time I can go music free is when I am running outside because I have other things to pay attention to. But on a treadmill I gotta have some tunes as my stimulation! 🙂

    I like chocolate okay I guess. But it isn’t my first choice. Given the choice between chocolate flavored and vanilla flavored I rarely choose chocolate.

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  5. Becca

    That’s the one I use most the time too!! A little coconut oil and a little stevia and i’m good to go!! YES!

  6. That’s my favorite cocoa powder, too! 😀

  7. Music ABSOLUTELY helps! I don’t know how anyone does cardio without it. Granted, I don’t do cardio ’cause I’m a lazy but in the past and if or should I say when I get back into it music is a MUST.

  8. That’s the only cocoa I use! I love it! But for some reason Walmart and Kroger stopped carrying it.. grr!! So now I stock up at Albertsons!

  9. ComcastMark

    I love dark chocolate. I shave some on my cappuccino and vanilla ice cream – YUM!

    Sorry about your channels. I know you are picking up the boxes, but should you need further assistance, let me know.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  10. That hershey’s special dark is awesome. Have you tried the Ghiardelli cocoa powder? Spendy, but good!

    I used to only like milk chocolate, but have grown so that I appreciate the taste of dark much more now, and that’s pretty much all I eat.

  11. I’ve heard fantastic things about that kind.. I need to pick it up asap.. good thing there’s a grocery store run planned for today!

  12. Weight loss, building muscles, living life.. it all is part of the mental game! Yoour mind can help you or hinder you, that is for sure!

  13. OMG I must try a yogurt sandwich! Such a great idea.

    I need to have some kind of noise going on when I workout….music tv the neighbors above me banging (I wish I was kidding)

  14. Edit…meant oatmeal 🙂 mind is all over the place

  15. Leisl

    Hell yeh music helps me for sure! Nothing like some good hard thumping trance beats to get the mind where it needs to be for a kick-ass workout!

  16. I love dark chocolate…mmmmmm… Music def helps my workout but I alwaysforget to charge my ipod. However, with HIIT I am so busy messing with speed or resistance or incline I don’t think about music 😉

  17. There is not one kind of chocolate that I don’t have mad love for. Just sayin.

  18. Music could help me but I don’t run with any music. I like any chocolate!

  19. HAHA!! I love that perspective of body fat…excellent 😀

    I love dark chocolate…simply the best.

  20. I used to rely on music during my runs but now I find it’s more pleasant for me to have silence (my head is usually loud enough!) while I run.

    However, I totally crank the tunes when I’m lifting or on the elliptical. My husband has a mix called “raise a ruckus” and it really gets me going!

    I’ve been putting dark unsweetened cocoa powder in my greek yogurt for a while now. So good! I love love love dark chocolate 🙂

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