Throwback Idols

I loved and still love Cyndi Lauper!

Who didn’t want to be Alyssa Milano?

If you know who this is you’re old….BAH!

Madonna back in the day, there is nothing better.

Ageless Beauty…..

When I was ran over I had my Super Girl underoos on.

Thank goodness huh?

Go on with your bad self Lita.

R.I.P Miss Elizabeth.

Gadzooks them Dukes!!


How about  you?  Who were your idols?



  1. I wanted to be Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All…remember that show?

    • Oh yes, I remember that show. She looks the exact same still!

  2. OK, I am old!!! But I knew the older & younger ones! 🙂

    My role models were the old time fitness ladies like Rachel McLish & Cory Everson.

  3. omg these are ALL my idols! lynda carter wonder woman too!

  4. Love this post for I am a child of the 80’s! You have two of mine on there….Alysa and Madonna!

  5. HA! I had those underoos too!!!

    • Your boobs were probably still bigger back then 😉

  6. Funny post. I wanted to be that cartoon girl from Vultron. Do you remember that cartoon? I loved it.

    I always loved (and still do) Madonna

    • I do remember that one 🙂

  7. Demi Moore and Brooke Shields have always been my idols.

    And that was Morgan Fairchild, so yeah….I’M OLD

    • Yes, you’re VERY old Stef 😉

  8. I miss my underoos!

    When I was a kid I totally dressed up like Madonna (sort of) and went to school like that. I loved Cindi Lauper, too.

    And random thought: I loved having my armful of jelly bracelets and my jelly shoes. I am totally homesick now! But fun post–I love to reminisce 🙂

  9. Omg, I had Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steam video!!! My first ever workout video, ohman, I would love to try that thing again 😉

    My idols were Alanis Morrisette and Gwen Stefani. Even though Alanis is slightly washed up these days, I still adore her 🙂

    • You have to support your Candian 🙂 There is always Pamela Anderson…oh wait LOL!

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