To eat or not to eat…

I had a Barnies gift card that Mike had gotten me maybe 10 years ago.  Our store here is closing so I thought I had better use it.  When I handed it to them they laughed.  They said they haven’t seen one of those in YEARS.  I told them i’ve had it for awhile.  There was no way for them to swipe it so they let me have my iced coffee for free.  Then he told me I could pick a muffin out to if I wanted.  I chose this cookie with Mike in mind.

All the way home I thought about taking a little nibble.  I knew that one nibble would lead to another and i’m feeling leaner so why destroy what i’ve done?  I had also purchased another suit for my interview Monday and I need to fit into it!

$280.00 suit for $75!!!


Time for lunch!!

Now it’s time for lunch 😉  I love pickles!!

Into the freezer you go!  You will not defeat me!!


Now it’s time to work my back and abs. 

What workout are you doing today?  I walked Boomer for 40 mins this morning and did 30 on my treadmill.  I’ll probably do another 25 with my workout and Mike and I are going for a bike ride later 😀


Good Luck to Becca and Genie!!!!!!!  Also to my friend Tara Green.  They are doing Junior Nationals tonight and hopefully tomorrow!!  It’s in Chicago.



  1. I played soccer for two-three hours 😀 So yes, I AM wiped and got a great workout!
    ❤ jess

  2. Oh score on the outfit! Was that from Burlington??

    I worked chest and shoulders, and 15 minutes on the stairmaster. Don’t ask me why I did the stairmaster.. I have no idea 😀

    • It’s from Macy’s 🙂

  3. Cute suit. That’s my kind of bargain! Today was my much-needed rest day. Ahhhhh – totally enjoying it too.

  4. Crap, I love cookies but my favs are oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle & molasses spice!

    Good luck with the interview & that was a steal!

  5. Margarita

    Man, you ARE good about that cookie. If it was me, the cookie would be GONE before I left the store! LOL Nice suit! I bought 2 pairs of shoes for that price today! ;)I was looking for couple of summer dresses then gave up and ordered 2 from VS. 😀

    • Yes but I would gain 10 lbs if I did that. I’m not as lucky as you 😉

      • Margarita

        Are you kidding?! I am not THAT lucky any more! 😉 I WISH! My biggest issue is that I cannot stop at one cookie (or maybe the word is “don’t want” to stop?) and then a week and 20 lbs heavier, I wonder WTF happened?!! Must work on that discipline!!!

  6. Cute suit and great deal!

    I didn’t even know Barnies was still open but looks like it worked out well for you!

  7. Well done on all accounts, the suit, the workout and the cookie!

  8. Great looking suit for a fantastic price! I get really excited when I get such a good deal. It’s almost more fun, maybe because it’s a challenge, to try to find something on sale.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. That CANNOT be a cookie. Ug!

  10. love the story on the ice coffee/can’t swipe the card! and nice deal$$ on the suit!

  11. Hey April, thanks for your beautiful words that offered me hope for the day. I like that you asked whether we’ll be entertaining these crazy thoughts when we’re 80. It did make me think and honestly, that’s a scary thought. I certainly hope not. =S And as much as possible, I’ll make sure it will not happen!

    Much love,
    Nat xoxo

    P.S. I love pickles and your little declaration of love for them just reminded me that I haven’t had them in a while which means a trip to the supermarkets to get some is due! =)

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