Porch life is for me

So I didn’t eat the forbidden cookie.  *pat on back*  Here is Mike savoring it.

On Saturday Mike had some guys over and they grilled out.  I just made my shrimp and cabbage mixture Pauline style.  It was so yummy!  They had went to a butcher shop and got their meat.  Mike and I will be going back there because they were really friendly and cheap.  So remember how proud of myself I was for not eating “the” cookie?  I did this:

Yes, that is a Summer Shandy.  That is a great beer.  Mike loves them and I had to try one.  I have proclaimed that I don’t drink anymore because it’s NOT worth it.  The slowing of your metabolism, the stupid decisions you make and for me the RAGE and BARFIGHTS you get into.  I will admit after it I was in a great mood 😉  Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you if I had 7 or 70 blue chips HA!  Luckily the guys finished them off.

Here they are watching Blades Of Glory.  I’m at the computer keeping tabs on Junior Nationals.  Becca got 4th in bikini and Tara got 5th in figure WOOHOO!  They ended up going to Wolfies.  My new “goto” restaurant.  At night they have cornhole tournaments and drink specials.  When I woke up this morning  2 of the guys were sleeping on my couch.  Ugh…that threw off my routine.  Boomer and I took a walk and I enjoyed my breakfast on my porch.


Before Mike and I moved here I had always wanted a porch.  We watched movies and I would always mention if there was a porch.  Mike vowed that one day I would have a porch 🙂  Now we’ll still watch movies and i’ll say “I wish I had a porch” he responds, sorry I suck and you’ll never have one 😉

Happy Dad’s Day!!  Because who really calls them Father?  Do you?  I actually call my dad, Dude.  He likes it.

Do you have  a porch?  We need to get some porch furniture.  We have our redneck chairs out right now.

Have you had Summer Shandy?  It’s pretty good.  It’s suppose to have a hint of lemon flavor but I didn’t taste it.

Confession….after keeping tabs on the competition this weekend i’m getting the bug.  For those of you who have competed you know what i’m talking about.  I always tell myself never again but it’s so fun!!



  1. Angela

    I always wanted a porch…instead i will probably be stuck in this sucky city forever! And that is so funny that you call your dad dude…that is what angelica calls adam 🙂

    YOu better get that bug…November 14th girl!!!! 😉

  2. OK, I am a cookie fan & that is my weekend treat! That one looks AWESOME!

    I wish I had an old fashioned porch! Here in southern CA, it is hard to afford a step! :-O

  3. My condo doesn’t really have a porch, and if we did I doubt I’d sit there because my neighbors’ moron dog would yelp and bark at me and I would shoot it.
    But, my deck is bliss. Surrounded by woods. Pure heaven. 😉

  4. findingradiance

    Blades of Glory is funny!

    We have a porch. We have a Victorian house and it is a wrap around porch. Too bad we live on a really busy street, otherwise we would be out there a lot more.

  5. competing..i totally think you should!!!

    I went to your friends’ sites, the ones you linked yesterday and wished them well!

    garmin/polar, thank you for your thoughts. I have heard the polar is not totally accurate for calories burned b/c it uses formulas and is not super precise. But i know erica/itzys kitch loves her F6. So do you. So many options..girl it gives me a headache LOL

  6. Love this cookie..maybe someday we can lunch together

  7. Summer Shandy just sounds fun…who makes it? I wish I was one of those people who doesn’t like beer but its siren calls always tempt me! And any place that has cornhole is awesome in my book!

    • It’s made by Leinenkugel…sounds german to me??? I just like saying shandy.

  8. I wish we had a big ol porch with a swing like Julia Robert’s house in Sleeping with the Enemy. We just have a courtyard space that has a fire pit so we go out there after dinner sometimes.

    I call my dad Snappy–I don’t know why.

    I wish I could compete but I just don’t think I have the courage/willpower to do a real lean out diet.

    I had some beer that is like what you had yesterday at this place called Edelweiss. I’m going to put up some pictures on my blog because the place is hilarious.

    P.S. That cookie looks delish.

  9. steph

    I just have to say how insane that ‘cookie’ is. they do NOT make them like that in australia!! 😛

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