Trying not to poop myself


This is me right now.  I have my second interview in a couple of hours.  I shouldn’t be as nervous since it’s with the ladies i’ll be working with.  GAH!  That makes me more nervous. 


I’m so afraid that soon they are going to cut off my unemployment.  I’ve been on it since March of ’09 for pete’s sake.  It is kind of a good thing.  People who AREN’T like me and really looking and getting a job have abused the system for a long time.  I wish I would have known about it sooner.  Then I could just live jobless and get paid from the state.  No really, I was raised much better than that.  I really think i’m going crazy.


I’ve had a good but HOT weekend.  Boomer and I had some nice long walks in the early mornings when it was cooler.  Then Saturday I did Cathe’s Athletic Step again.  I have a product review coming up so i’ll talk about that some other time.  Yesterday I did Cathe’s Drill Max.  I really LOVE that one.  It’s a good one to throw in when you are burnt out from running or ellipticalling(word?).  There is also this move called firewalkers.  Kelly O you know what i’m sayin’.  These are a love/hate thing.

Oh, you think that looks simple?  Looks can be deceiving.

Last night Mike and I went for an hour bike ride.  We love doing that together.  I love the fact that when we are going up hills I pass him.  He’s told me he can’t believe how i’m able to keep up with him and thinks biking is my calling.  As I pass him up the hills I taunt him by saying things like, yeah the squats and lunges are paying off.  Or, go ahead and make fun of me for doing step aerobics.  He’s so competitive at everything it’s not even funny.


Are you competitive?  I’m wouldn’t consider myself competitive.  However, when I REALLY want something i’ll go after it like a fat kid attacking cake.  My downfall is after I get it I often don’t want it anymore.  It’s really a competition within myself.



  1. Ohhh good luck with your interview!! 😀 I’m sure it’ll go just fine!

  2. Good luck girl. I love firewalkers.

  3. Good luck with your interview!! You’ll do GREAT!
    ❤ jess

  4. Good luck with the interview!

    And congrats on powering up hills. Squats and lunges do make a difference 😀

  5. Good luck on the second interview!!!!!

    Oooh, I do those firewalkers sometimes with tubing. They’re brutal. Which means they’re a great exercise 😉

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂
    Good luck with your interview! My husband went through job loss/unemployment and it’s ROUGH. Sounds like you are doing everything right though and you WILL find a job!!

  7. Good look!!

  8. Good luck!! You will do awesome, I know it!

  9. good luck with the interview!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hope all went well!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear you on needing work!

  11. You will rock. Firewalkers KICK BUTT!! Love them.

  12. Hope the interview went great!! I’m the only one of my friends who hasn’t been laid off and they have been getting unemployment since ’09 as well so hope it keeps coming to you. I don’t know how you do it, I would be freaking out if I were to be laid off (mostly because I don’t have somoene else to help with bills)

    I am super duper competitive—I love being the best 🙂

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