What to do?

What do you do when it’s storming like a mother and you can’t get back to sleep?  We are having storm after storm and now there are sinkholes, strip mall fires, and flooding.  It’s this Okalahoma or Kansas?  The weather this year is so odd.

New Madrid, MO - I took this over the the corn field between the grave yard and the over pass North of New Madrid 6/13/08 thunderstorm.

So what did I do?  I immediately came down and hit the on button to my coffee maker.  I made sure the coffee was made in case the power went out again…priorites.  Then I was bored so I got on the treadmill for 40 mins.  I didn’t go super fast in case the power went out and I had to jump on the sides for dear life.  It was actually relaxing.  I did 3.5/6.5 for 1 mins each.  Then at min 30 I cranked it up to 10% incline and walked at 4.0.  My buns are already sore from my KILLER leg workout yesterday.  It kept my heart thumpin the entire time.


Thanks for all your kind thoughts, texts and emails about my interview 🙂  It went well…again.  I interviewed with 5 other people AND went home and had a phone interview.  I’m trying to stay positive.  I know they are interviewing 1 more person today.  I told my neighbor and I like the way she put it.  She said they have to interview someone else just in case I turn down the position.  That made me feel better and I know if it was meant to be it will be.  Things have really been happening in our favor lately so hopefully this will fall into place as well.


Here comes another storm…no worries.  I will see a rainbow soon.


What is the last thing you ate?  I just finished my oatmeal sandwich.


What is your birthstone?  Mine is Ruby.  My birthday is in July.  One plus about this new job if I get it is they give you your birthday off!!



  1. Good call on not going fast in case of power loss! I wouldn’t have thought of that one LOL. I just finished up oatmeal with vanilla protein powder, bananas, and natural peanut butter. MMMMM.

  2. Julie

    Last thing I ate was 4 egg whites on a flat out bread with salsa topped off with some chia seeds. My birthstone is also Ruby, my bday is July 29.

  3. I totally miss those crazy midwest summer storms. Hopefully we’ll have one when I go visit next week 🙂

    I just ate a piece of banana and 2 dates and am getting ready to workout.

    My birthstone is aquamarine (March).

    Hope you get that job!!!

  4. Well you can see what I just ate on my post today 😉

    Girl you got this job in the bag…I can feel it!

  5. cottage cheese and veggies! Love my CC fix.
    My birthstone is a ruby too. End of july bday. Whats your day?

  6. mine is the pearl and i used to HATE that growing up! i wanted something sparkly, haha!

  7. Glad to hear the interview went well!

    They were talking about the storms overnight in Indy here so they had to be some rough ones!

  8. Another way to look at is that the more people they interview, the more they will realize how clearly superior you are! Just wanted to offer my support and friendship!I am loving SNUFF too! It is my ring tone, what I listen to the ENTIRE time on repeat at the gym (for the 12 day in a row) and I literally zone out to it with my eyes closed during intense cardio! I am loving Corey Taylor! Check out ‘I’m not Jesus’ (ft Corey Taylor) by Apocalypta. It’s heavier but great to zone out to as well! Hope everything works out how it should!!!
    Your Friend,

    • I love Apocalypta!!!!!

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