Cookouts and Road trips

Mike and I had fun at the cookout last night.  It was nice to get out and not be a hermit.  His friends were happy to see me as well.

We walked hand in hand.

He carried the corn casserole and wasn’t real thrilled about getting his picture taken.  🙂  That stuff was GONE afterwards.

Doing some little mingling.

I would have been happy if I was eating a chocolate cookie too 🙂


ROAD TRIP tomorrow!!!

I’m almost out of Quest Bars EEK!!!  These are something I will for sure be ordering.  I will also get to review my Peeled Snacks YUM!


When you fasten your pants do you button first or zip first?  Since i’ve been doing alot of dressing up lately i’ve noticed I button first.





  1. So glad you got out and had a good time! High fives to not being a hermit 😉 Hope you have a great road trip. Oh, and I button first.

  2. You guys are so cute holding hands 😀

    Oh, I always button first!

  3. that handholding pic should be on a valentines card or something, too cute

  4. Such cute pics!!! Well, I don’t dress up much but with my jeans, I zip first….

  5. I was about to say “Damn girl, you’re hairy” but then I read the caption! Looks like a great time and I now want corn casserole.

    Have a safe trip tomorrow!

  6. i’m a buttoner for sureskies haha 🙂

    the cookout sounds like so much fun! glad you got out an enjoyed the weather girlfraaand

  7. lol April, that is the most random question ever! I zip then button first…uh, I think. I usually do this kind of stuff mindlessly!

  8. I had to really think about this one ’cause it’s not exactly something I give any thought to but I am a buttoner first and zip second person! For some reason as I think about it zipping first feels like it would be more logical but whatever! I get my pants on.

    • LOL! It does seem more logical to do it the other way.

  9. the 1st pic is the nicest pic i have seen all week in the sphere! omg that is just awesome that you guys are in love and holding hands and took a pic 🙂

    • Awe, thanks 🙂

  10. Glad you had such a time nice at the cookout 🙂

    Have a fantastic time at the Tool show. I saw them waaaaay back in the day and they were awesome (I’m a bit jealous that you’re seeing them now I must admit!).

    Button or zip? Depends on the pants for me.

  11. Margarita

    yep, I zip first… if it does not zip first, there’s no way in hell you can button!! Not me anyway.

    You are are a cute couple… awwww… 😉

  12. Funny question…I button first and then zip.

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