Weekend confessional 2

Somehow I got some energy back.  It has nothing to do with this:

 Prolab - Advanced Caffeine - 60 ea  

After eating we ventured into St. Loius.  Justin has never been to the arch so we decided to let him see it.  The roads there are weird so we kept driving around it saying…Hey look kids, there’s Big Ben, and there’s Parliament. 

We eventually made it.

The water was really high from all the rain we’ve been getting.  I say we because after Missouri and Illinois it comes to us YAY!


Have you ever been to St. Loius?  The arch is a photograper’s dream I bet.



  1. I have because I live in the St Louis area 🙂

  2. Nope never been. But it looks cool!

  3. Nope, never been. I think it’s about 6 hours from where I am. Oh, if you buy MMA Boxing, pretty please click on my link from my page. I’ll be your best friend 😉

  4. Amy

    I love the Arch!! Not too fond of the dryer ride to the top but the view is AHHHmazing! Glad you had fun girl!

  5. Angela

    nice shirt 😉

  6. I’ve never been there! Cool pics though!!

  7. I was in St Louis when i was 16 yrs old on a h.s. marching band trip. I made out w/ my boyfriend on a bus the entire way there and back and have no memory of st. louis, just the bus LOL

    hope you got your coconut open!

  8. This totally reminds me of the first Natl Lampoon Vacation movie where they take a wrong turn into the ghetto. Is it wrong that I was hoping you were going to say that? You noted European Vacation though so ill let it slide.

  9. Great pictures! The sky is so blue and gorgeous.

    I loved the reference to European Vacation. Those movies are great.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to St. Louis but would love to go 🙂

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