Weekend confessions finale

After the arch we went back to the room.  The guys were intrigued with my Oxygen magazines.

Then it was time for happy hour.  OMG, I haven’t drank that much in I can’t remember when.  I only had 3 beers but I was LIT in a good way.  Typically I overdo it and then I get angry.  I limited myself so it’s all good.  All I could think about was how my metabolism was slowing down and my fat was storing HA! 

Drunk and happy!

After happy hour it was time for the show.  The concert was SOFA KING GOOD!!  The concerts i’ve been to in the past were all about showboating.  The singer thinking they were God’s gift to the earth and nothing is better.  Don’t get me wrong, I had fun at those concerts as well.  Tool is all about good music.  No showboating or running around on stage.  The lead singer(Maynard Keenan) stood on a platform next to the drummer(Danny Carey).  It was so cool.  The bassist and guitarist stood in the front on opposite corners.  The drummer is the BEST drummer IMO.  I can’t believe how fast he moves his feet and arms. 


I will be going to more Tool concerts that is for sure.  They have a really good laser light show that is set to the music.  There were people of all sorts of ages there.  There wasn’t much talking by Maynard but he asked how many people were 20 years or younger.  The crowd cheered and he said…then you weren’t born when this next song was written 🙂  Tool started in 1988 so they’ve been around for awhile.  My favorite song was Aenima.  The crowd was awesome and singing along.  There were true fans there that’s for sure.  This song is not played on the radio.  Sorry for those of you who live in L.A. 😉  Maybe that’s why us mid westerners love it so much?

This is not my video but it is from the show I saw.

This clip will show you the set up a bit better.  It was great! 


Angela now you know why I like jamming to them 😉


I yelled FREE BIRD during the concert!  That’s when you KNOW you’re a Hoosier!




  1. hehe…glad you had some fun time! 🙂

  2. Everything in moderation!! I don’t see myself ever giving up beer and wine.

  3. Great song 🙂 (the second video)

    glad you had fun!!! And yes, i know why you listen to them 🙂

    total teeter totter….tool….gangsta rap 😉 LOL!

  4. What a babe is right!! What is up with guys and female magazines? I was wearing my fit flops the other day and my 27 year old male friend was like, “I heard those were a rip off according to Cosmo” I was like why were you reading cosmo???

  5. that pic of guys is priceless! and yes, it is too bad i live in LA

  6. Hey Chick! I’m back from Park City and trying to catch up on blogs. Home SICK for 2 days straight and it sucks!! ;-(
    Missed your sassy face!

  7. Fun for all! What is not to like in the Oxygen mags! 🙂

  8. ive never heard this: The concert was SOFA KING GOOD!!

    and i love it LOL

    glad you whacked the coconut..yum 🙂

  9. See, I knew there was a reason why I visited your blog. Its because of informative stuff like this. Thank you for the post. Look forward to more. See ya!

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