Anxiety of the unknown

Howdy!  I woke up with SUPER sore legs this morning.  I did a leg workout on Monday and immediately couldn’t walk.  It was a goody.  Last night Mike and I took a bike ride.  It was only for about 40 mins but we were hauling.  Mike still can’t believe that I can keep up with him 😀  I told him maybe he’s just slow.  He didn’t like that HA!


This morning I timed my breakfast making.  It took 10 mins and this was with microwaving my oats.  I guess I can make them the real way on the weekends.  I’m trying to figure out my next weeks schedule since i’ll be employed again.  Normal people probably wouldn’t be freaking out about this but i’m not normal.  I always start to worrying about things and then they work out then I wonder why I was worrying in the first place.  So I know this will all work out just fine….i’m still worried 😉


Boomer is going to be sad.  She’s so used to me being here.  Luckily Mike can work from home so she’ll have company on some days. 

Do you stress about little things?

How long does it take you to make breakfast?

Do you workout before you are off to work?  I typically get in some cardio and lift weights afterwards.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the GOLD RUSH!!!  I better get mine before I forget!!!



  1. Congrats on the job! I sometimes wonder what my dog will do when I finally land a job. She has been used to me being home with her for the last two years. And before that, my in-laws were home with her for her whole life. So yeah – big adjustment for your Boomer baby.

    I also am not sure when I would workout. I think I would do my cardio in the AM before work and lift in the evenings after work…

  2. I bet your legs are sore after leg workout then a bike ride the next day. I feel your stress and would be stressed too. I pre-make steel cut oats and reheat the next morning (in about a minute). I eat at my office. I like to workout in the mornings when I can – but I am NOT a morning person. You’ll get it all figured out!!! Let me know if you want the oatmeal “recipe” I use.

  3. I stress about things and I like to know the worst case scenario so I’m prepared but hoping it won’t be anywhere that bad.

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