Little tastes of Nuts Online

While on our road trip we enjoyed snacking on Nuts Online  heart healthy sampler.  It was a tough decision trying to pick what I wanted to review. 

In the sampler:

  • chia seeds
  • dried persimmons
  • supreme roasted mixed nuts
  • whole dried cranberries
  • dark chocolate covered almonds
  • organic walnuts
  • organic flax seed
  • gluten free steel cut oats
  • japanese sencha green tea
  • ceylon black tea


The nuts are gone.  The cranberries i’ve used in my salads and they are very sweet and yummy!  I tried a dried persimmon and it was good too.  I’ve had persimmon pudding but it’s been awhile.  I need to bust open the chia seeds.  These sampler packs ROCK!


What’s that you are asking?  You see another box in the picture?  Okay, okay, i’ll share.

If you want the heart healthy sampler here’s how you can win!

  • Friend them on FACEBOOK (1 entry)
  • Follow them on TWITTER  @nuts_online (1 entry)
  • Add me to your blogroll (1 entry)
  • Subscribe to The Weigh I Am  (1 entry)
  • Add me to your google reader  (1 entry)
  • Purchase my garlic gold special (5 entries)  😉

You know how this works.  If you already subscribe etc…you still get an entry!


Thanks to Katie from Nuts Online!!!  Check out their site.  There are tons of other goodies.



    1. what a neat product! I already subscribe to your blog but now I am following them on twitter. COOL!

    2. Cool. I already subscribe to your blog.

    3. I also follow through my google reader.

    4. Ashley S

      You are on my google reader!

    5. I love nuts and dried cranberries. I need to check out this site 😀

      Great job on the 8-mile bike ride, btw – you are chalking up the miles!

    6. RedOne

      I’m following them on twitter

    7. I added you to my google reader!

    8. Lindsey

      Awesome Giveaway! I totally want some….

      I follow them on facebook!

    9. Lindsey

      I also follow your blog via Google Reader!

    10. Lindsey

      I suscribe to your blog as well……if that counts : )

    11. I subscribe already! Will have to come back for the rest!

    12. I follow/like them on Facebook! 😀

    13. I follow them on twitter too now;)

    14. I added you to my google reader aaaaages ago 😀

    15. Your on my blogroll duh!

    16. and my google reader of course!

    17. Emily N

      I follow @nuts_online on TWITTER as @prizepuzzle.

    18. I like them on facebook!

    19. I follow @nuts_online on twitter!

      My twitter: natcatty

    20. You’re on my google reader! 🙂


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