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Good Morning!  I mustered up some energy and knocked out a 35 mins cardio session this morning.  I love my early morning cardios BUT I just found out my new hours will be 6a~230 or 330p EEK!  That means I will have to get up at 4a to do my workout.  I think I will take a week off from that.  I may find a way to fit it in later in the evening?  I hate my brain and anxiety problems.


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This is the redhead coming out in me.  I don’t wear a helmet when on my bike.  Now when on a motorcycle YES!  I never wore one growing up and i’m not going to wear one now.  I’ve had my head drug for 75 ft across pavement so it’s pretty strong.  You all know I believe if it’s meant to be it will be.  If  God wants to take me in a biking accident and a helmet may have saved my life he will take me regardless.  I’m not one of those idiots who rides on the side of a busy street.  I’m on a trail or sidewalk.  If you ride on a busy street you are not really an idiot 😉  I just have road issues for obvious reasons.  SO, if my neighbor mentions a helmet again I may just knock her teeth in.
Miley doesn’t wear one.
Do you wear a helmet?

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  1. I hear you on the brain/anxiety thing. You’ll get into a groove once you get into your work routine. It’ll fall into place I am certain of it. I don’t bike. I am sooooo accident prone. I actually got a concussion from roller blading. So, if I did bike, HELMET most definitely. 😉

  2. Amy

    OMG! Is Miley wearing a scarf! 🙂 lol

    4am… That’s dedication!

    I’m so with you on the helmet thing, although I think I have a pic of you wearing one not too long ago 🙂

    • 🙂 That’s the ONLY time I think i’ve worn one! I should always wear one when im with you.

  3. An early sched is AWESOME! I miss that. You can work out in the afternoon and still have plenty of your day left! That’s what I would do. You get off early enough that you don’t HAVE to squeeze it before work. As for helmets-I probably wouldn’t. It would just be suburban neighborhood type bike riding for me. Hubby mountain bikes and he wears a helmet. Or i’d kick is butt!!

  4. we are seriously the same. i also believe if it’s going to happen, then it will. that’s why when people tell me that talking on my phone and putting my socks on from left foot to right foot is going to give me cancer, i always say that if i’m supposed to get cancer it will happen regardless.

  5. I love working out at night but if you do end up getting up at 4a more power to you! And you got a job???!!! Congrats!

    As for helmets I think kids should wear them and adults who are mtn biking but don’t think they should be required for leisurely rides.

  6. I just started wearing one everytime this year. Before that it was only for a triathlon which the rules say is mandatory.
    Figure might as well wear it so I’m use to it for triathlons. And I DO ride down busy highways 🙂

  7. I don’t know.. I know a guy whose life was saved by the helmet… ya just don’t know what other people are gonna do….

  8. You should always wear a helmet girl!! please!

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