Gueess where i’m going??

Hint 1

Fortunately I don’t have breakdowns anymore.  This made me sad to read.

Hint 2

I can’t wait to be there again!!

Hint 3

Just chillin’

If I had a blog 6 years ago there would be more hints but I don’t think you’ll find it hard to figure out.  WOOHOO!  I love 4th of July weekends……


This furball is coming too.  She hates the water.  That’s like a Russian hating Vodka. 

This is her i’m sexy picture.  Normally I would take her to my parents but they are too far away now.  I don’t trust her with anyone else.  She is like me, not a people person 😉  I can fake it, she can’t.

Here is her first and what we thought would be the last time at this place i’m going today.


Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Have fun at the lake! And have a super holiday 😀

  2. Angela

    I know!!! have fun!!!! Man, i missed not talking to you for 2 days!! Now you have a job! Jeeze 😉

  3. Wow! That first hint also made me so sad when I read it! Have an amazing time! This is such a lame comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and hopeing you enjoy yourself this weekend and just LIVE and don’t worry!

  4. Enjoy and just realx!

  5. Fun in the sun! I love these holidays…..where the lake is involved. 🙂

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