Party like it’s 1836

Mom and I traveled back in time yesterday.  We went to Conner Prairie.  It’s just 10 mins from my house now.  I haven’t been since I was in elementary school.  It was nice to see how things used to be and now more than ever I KNOW I was suppose to be born back then.  The workers there are awesome.  They are almost like actors.  If you mention things that are from the 1900’s they act like they don’t know what it is.  They also speak properly…which most people don’t today 😉

Yes, we clearly hit up a coffee shop too.  I don’t think to go cups and mom’s whip cream with chocolate drizzles were mainstream then.


I feel like i’m starting a new school tomorrow!  I’ll be the new kid 🙂  Time to start packing my lunch and snacks again.  I think with working i’ll become more sane since I won’t be thinking all the time.  Thinking about the stupid things that run through my brain.  Once I get comfortable with the new schedule my life will be routine again which I LOVE!  Fail to plan, plan to fail.


What era do you think you were suppose to be born in?



  1. That looks like such a cool place to visit. It is a very quaint era but without so many modern conveniences I know day to day life was tough and lots of hard work. Good luck at your new job. I am such a wreck when I start a new job. So nervous and scared. Sounds like you aren’t like that-which is good!

  2. I went to a place like that one before. As far as what era should KO be in? Um, right now. Because without my Blackberry, high speed internet, several laptops and Twitter plus Starbucks I’d be out of my mind.
    Just sayin.

  3. How fun. I’m thinking I like this era just fine though. Of course, imagine how much simpler it would have been back then. No worries about cars breaking down, internet being down, tv going on the fritz…the joys of technology LOL

  4. Angela

    That looks so cute!

    I think that i would have love to have grown up in the 50s…like laverne and shirley or happy days!!! LOL!

  5. Amy

    I’m so gonna drag the boys there, looks like tons of fun! Although chris jokes that if we lives back then my family would always be starving and naked ( due to my lack of Betty Crocker/Tommy hilfiger gene).

    Love the fail to plan, plan to fail comment, that’s always been my moto/ mental disorder :).

    You will do fabulous tomorrow as you do in everything. I’ll be rooting for ya!

  6. How cool – love the pics!

    I think I was meant to be orn in the 80’s like I was!! OR born in the late 60’s so I could have rocked the 80’s look in HS/college! haha

  7. Gooood luck! I was supposed to be born in the 20s. I love the flapper look.

  8. Love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that last quote too!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  9. Evelyne

    Hey there! Looks like you had a great time. LOVE all the pics! Sorry I haven’t been here in a while. Looks like you’ve kept busy! New job, huh? Good luck! the Tool concert looked awesome. Love me some Tool too. Have a great week!

  10. I love places like that!! I think I am really a hippie on the inside and was supposed to be in my prime in the sixties.

    Good luck with the new job tomorrow 🙂

    i kid you not, when I lived in indy i was one of the little girls who would dress up and walk around town. I helped the lady make biscuits.

  12. oh this post totally reminded me of a south park episode where no one broke character EVER,even when faced with “bad men” trying to steal all the town stuck in time had…LOL!

    AND good luck at your new job!!!!!

    hope things go well for you!!!

  13. sundie

    Get you a Starbucks travel mug! It is pricey but worth it! It is the best one I have ever had.

  14. We have a similar sort of thing but it’s a hour and a half away so have never been yet……someday though.

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