3 Wishes

I wish I had a travel coffee cup.  I should have bought one at Starbucks.



I totally stole this picture from Naomi.  I got my goods from Julie’s giveaway.


I wish I would get the job that I really wanted. *sigh*


I got the call today.  I start on Monday!  Now I have to leave my job now 😦  I hate letting people down.  I can’t pass this opportunity up.  I mean this is the one with the kick butt gym for crying out loud.


I wish I didn’t have to cook tonight.


Mike took me to Mudsocks our new favorite place.  I got the Signature Grilled Chicken salad.  Amy you know the one I speak of mmmm…..


Any wishes come true for you lately?


Once this job craziness settles down I have some reviews to do.  I’m not commening much on blogs, I AM reading though!



  1. Congrats girl!

  2. Amy

    So happy everything is coming together for ya! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving girl! U can bring visitors to that work gym right? ;). And yummmmo on the salad. Ps the strawberry salad is back at panera!

  3. Hey – glad to hear everything righted itself around!

  4. CONGRATS on *the* job!!! Things sometimes have a fabulous way of working out. I’m sure your other employer will understand 🙂

  5. Yay!!!!! I am jealous of the new workout space you will be accessing!

    I keep saying Mudsocks with a deep, Southern accent over and over again and it’s making me laugh.

  6. Angela

    YAY!!!! So glad you got it!!!!! Now we can hopefully talk 🙂 and you get to use the kick butt gym!!

  7. How cool that you won! Who’s you genie?

  8. CONGRATS on the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Funny how things go like that sometimes!
    Congrats on the dream job!

  10. April! Don’t buy the cups at Starbucks! But them at Bed Bath & Beyond!!! They’re about half the price of the Starbucks ones and it’s the same exact product. Plus… if you get the mail coupons or online coupons, you get 20% off, which makes it cost under $7!!! I had/lost have one, and I bought Dawn one for her competition!! Save some money!!! 🙂

  11. yayyyyy you got the package 🙂 SUCCESS!

  12. Congrats!!! I’m sure that’s so exciting.

  13. BIG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Congrats – I just found your blog. Love it. I love my job – most days. I am stay home mom/freelance consultant. Full time for both. No days off – and the pay for the mom gig is lousy – but there are many more perks:)

  15. Congratulations! I am so so happy for you!!!! Never stop wishing! What would you say was the one thing that kept you from giving up?

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