It’s a small world

I woke up this morning and went straight to the treadmill.  I wore jeans yesterday and lets just say that fit.  I hated it.  I like my clothing loose so I need to work on that. 


Work was fun today.  I guess it’s a special thing to attend the production meeting every Tuesday and I was invited.  I’m also working on a project.  I love projects!  It’s so good to be working and feeling normal again.

At the end of the workday I was headed down an aisle and saw a lady I used to work with!  We hugged and chatted.  It’s nice to know someone there.  There was also a meeting for the entire plant in a special building they have set aside for it.  The meeting started with a prayer.   Afterwards we all got T-shirts and free ice cream 🙂  No ice cream for me but I was excited about the T-shirt.  Let’s just say there weren’t too many people at the medium size table.  That was the smallest shirt they had. 


After work I came home and blasted my shoulders and did some more cardio. 

That picture is not of me BUHAHAHAHA!!!


Do you put your blogs on Facebook?  I don’t.  Not many of my friends even know I have a blog.  Only the ones that really know me.



  1. Hope the job keeps on going well for you. What is it again that you are doing?

    I put my blog posts on facebook. My family reads my blog. Sometimes that saves phone calls about what’s up LOL.

  2. My blog is not on FB either, pretty much only my family knows about mine!!

    YAY for free t-shirts!
    ❤ jess

  3. Only a few friends of mine know about my blog too. I get embarassed of it sometimes! LOL

  4. I only use FB for my blog although family post stuff too… I don’t open it to all. I have to approve the request for invite since there is too much crazy stuff out there!

  5. Hi – I am so happy for you about your job – it is good to find something you like:) My blog has been on FB – but part of the reason that I started my blog was to ‘come out’ and help others – so I wanted it out there – as painful as it is. And now – I sign my emails (unless they are professional) with my blog in the sig – so yeah, I do.

  6. Not many know I blog and none have asked to see it. I don’t Facebook so don’t have the blog there….probably wouldn’t though if I did FB.

  7. Interesting to know that I am not the only one a bit secretive about my blog. Friends know I blog but no one has the url. Even Mj doesn’t!!

  8. I keep my blog separate. A few people know about it and that’s cool with me.

    Good job avoiding the peer pressure (there must have been a little, right?) with the ice cream. I love free shirts 🙂

  9. My blog is on FB but my blog is also promoted heavily through the gym where Keith and I work. Poor Keith has no private life! haha!

  10. I don’t put my blog on fb. Not many of my friends know I have it and I have too many work people on there and don’t like them knowing about my personal life.

    I was gonna be like “holy dramatic hair color change!”

  11. Do you mean making a fanpage on FB? If so, I haven’t. I’ve been wondering if I want to, but I feel like I won’t get any “fans” lol. I did post my link on my profile page, though. Most people already know I have a blog…my parents boast about it to no end.

  12. Nope – no facebook for me! I don’t link to it and most of my friends don’t know I have the blog – I like it that way!

    My jeans are fitting too… eek!

  13. awww glad work is going well! free tshirts yes pulease!! although the ice cream would have been hard to say no to haha

    i don’t have my blog on facebook either!

  14. I posted my blog on facebook a couple times. Most of my friends read it, so it’s not a big issue to me 🙂

  15. I don’t really feel comfortable with ppl from my hometown knowing about my blog yet. Most of my friends don’t either. These ppl aren’t really into health and fitness so they probably wouldn’t be into reading it anyway

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